10 Sept 2022

King Charles III - an update

Chart of King Charles III

Today I have updated and shared some thoughts on a blog post I wrote back in May, when Charles, then Prince and now King, stood in for the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament and looked very thoughtfully at the Crown, which he realised would soon be his, along with the dedication and responsibility that accompanies the role of monarch.

I've had a further look at his chart and make some comments, relevant to his Age Point and becoming King, on this updated post.

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Small Learning triangles

One thing I will  speculate on here, looking at Charles's chart as he is proclaimed King, is that Pluto, which his Age Point is fast approaching, is connected in a Small Learning triangle with Sun and Mars, which may prove  interesting to observe as he eases - or maybe catapults - into the role he's been waiting for all his life.

However we might see this combination of planets in this pattern expressed in his behaviour, as it's going to involve his intercepted Scorpio Sun in 4th House. The Sun only receives two aspects, and they are red/green, suggesting a spot of touchiness and sensitivity could be involved.

A recent example was the tetchy, tired and grieving new King being cross and annoyed at a leaking pen which he was using to sign an official document. But let's not judge him, it's early days and he's under a lot of pressure - the propsect of further full-on ceremonial with his coronation looms somewhere not too far in the furture.

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