28 Nov 2008

Prince Charles turns 60

Prince Charles recently turned 60, and his Age Point entered the 11th house of his chart, where Uranus sits waiting for a direct eyeball/eyeball meeting when he reaches 63. I don’t intend to dwell on his Lifeclock but will share a few thoughts about his chart image and the Family Model in his chart. Charles was born on 14.11.1948 at 21.14, in London. Here is his chart, and beneath it I’m showing a picture of a “Witches Hat” roundabout, the sort that was found in children’s playgrounds in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but which are not seen so often now (probably another victim of our ubiquitous Health and Safety regulations).His chart image reminded me very much of one of these roundabouts, the sort I used to play on when a child, and which could give a very exciting ride indeed if it was rocked from side to side as it went round and round. Before I found the picture, I’d noticed Saturn in the 2nd house of Charles’ chart, appearing to hold the edge of the conical “Witches Hat” just like the woman in this picture. The Family Model, unique to the Huber Method, describes Saturn as the mother figure, the person who takes care of our physical needs and well-being when we’re growing up and lays down many of the rules, most often with our best interests at heart. (“Eat your greens”; “Wash your hands”; “Look both ways before you cross the road” etc.).

Saturn in the 2nd house - the area of personal possessions and security - seems very appropriate and indicative of the Queen wanting to ensure the safety and continuation of the monarchy. Saturn in Virgo is not flowery or expressive. Feelings are unlikely to be shown. In the deepest recesses of memory I recall a story about Charles, aged about 5 years old, greeting his mother after she’d been away for several weeks on a foreign tour. There was no hug and kiss, maybe a handshake (?) but it was a far cry from the wide open arms Diana greeted Princes William and Harry with on the Royal Yacht after she and Charles had been away on a foreign tour. The Queen is of a generation who learned not to give a public show of emotion, not to rock the boat (or Witches Hat), and she, of all people, would want to ensure the steadiness and safety of her heir.

This is a vertical chart with an aspect structure reaching up to the top of the chart where the Moon is placed as the highest planet. Conjunct the North Node, Charles’ rather lonely and exposed Taurean Moon is very weak by Sign and is intercepted. For him as a child, and later as an adult, his emotional needs may not have been heard or recognised when expressed. When the Moon is the highest planet out of Sun (father figure), Moon (the child) and Saturn (mother figure), the individual can feel they are the most important person in this family triad, but also that they have extremely high expectations laid upon them.

It’s interesting to note that when he married Diana, his Age Point was making a challenging square aspect to his Moon . He joked , when asked if they were in love, “Of course, whatever that means”. When he married Camilla, his Age Point had recently transited his Moon suggesting that she was, as he’d always implied, his true love.

The Sun is low down, right at the bottom of the chart, which is the most challenging placement for this planet. The Sun/father figure and the examples of leadership and autonomy he can give is best placed above the horizon where the Sun can shine and be seen. In Charles’ chart, the Sun is in an entirely separate aspect structure from Moon and Saturn, and it too is intercepted. Whereas Saturn, representing the mother in the Family Model, does have a direct link to the Moon - the child - the Sun does not and appears to be apart and disconnected.

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