3 Mar 2008

The House Chart

This blog celebrates its 2nd birthday on 4th March. A year ago I wrote a post entitled "Happy Birthday Dear Blog" in which I discussed the colour balance in the chart of the blog's "birth" - 6 red: 0 green: 5 blue aspects. The lack of green aspects in the blog's "birth" chart alerted me to the need to stay very aware to not allowing the energy of the blog (and as it's author, me!) to slip into an either/or, on/off affair which an all red/blue chart can indicate.

It's two years now since I started writing about the charts of people in the news using the Huber Method of astrological psychology, and I enjoy seeing how the blog has grown and has taken on an energy of its own as it has developed and evolved, gaining many readers along the way.

If you are one of these (and that ClustrMaps widget in the sidebar lets me see where you are!) my heartfelt thanks for dropping by, reading my thoughts and sometimes commenting on the charts and other astrologically related matters. I write to keep my own astro-wheels oiled and to hone my interpretative skills, but it's great to know you're out there too!

For this second birthday I'm taking a look at the House chart for the blog. The House chart is unique to the Huber Method. It's the chart which shows the environmental conditioning and expectations that were put upon us, and for an individual it can offer insights into what was encouraged and what was sidelined as the person grew up.

The House chart should always be used alongside the natal chart as it gives an environment's eye view of the person, which can sometimes be very different from the inherited traits and patterns shown in the natal chart. The blog's natal and house charts are a good example of this! On the left is the natal chart, with just red/blue aspects, with an all-red Efficiency/Performance figure and a red/blue Single Ambivalence figure as it's aspect patterns.

The House chart, on the right, shows a different picture altogether, with a ratio of 3 red: 3 green: 7 blue aspects. Green aspects are present - the environment wants and demands awareness, sensitivity and the ability to be aware and grow through this. When looking the House chart alongside the natal chart (and remember, this applies with greatest relevance to the charts of real people - I'm just using the blog as an example here), we can consider if the conditioning of the environment is enriching or diminishing. In this case, I'd say it's almost certainly enriching.

Not only is there green, a Kite aspect pattern has appeared! The Kite is composed of talent triangles, and is often associated with creativity (like writing...!). The pinning planets, especially those at the tail and the apex, are significant. They hold the strong inner strut of the Kite in place and can show what might hold it down, or ground it, as well as indicating where it might want to fly to. The Kite which appears in the blog's House chart has Jupiter (perception, wisdom, experience) at the base, with Moon (reaching out to make contact, touch and engage on a feeling level) at the apex, which is also on the MC and the highest point of the whole chart. Other planets involved in this aspect pattern are Mercury (what better for writing and sharing ideas?) and Saturn, whose presence provides an all-important discipline and framework.

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Barbara said...

Happy second blog birthday, Joyce !
Even though my astrological knowledge is not like yours,I enjoy your posts.
I urge you to look back for self-perspective to do the following; go back to your earliest posts in your archives.
That's what I did in November, when I did my first yearmark.
And yes, there is evolution.

Best wishes to you & Barry.