9 Nov 2009

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

9th November 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The chart is set for 18.57 on 9.11.1989 in Berlin, based on data obtained from Astro-Databank. The Berlin Wall divided East and West Germany and split families apart. It was a stone version of the Iron Curtain which divided the Soviet bloc from Western Europe.

The chart is a red/blue one with no green aspects. Red/Blue charts indicate a motivation which is either/or, black/white, with no shades of grey. This wall was set to come down, and no messing; it was the will of the people that it should do so.

The chart shaping is completely linear, giving an edgy, restless, tangential drive and a large burst of Cardinal energy to the events which took place as the wall came down. People chipped at it, bludgeoned it with hammers and whole chunks were torn out of it as holes appeared and people danced triumphantly on the top of it, or climbed through it into the West. Families were reunited and there was a feeling of immense relief that this huge and menacing edifice had started to crumble and fall.

For me, the most enduring memory of this momentous event was the Saturn/Neptune conjunction which was closely applying at the time and was exact in 12th November. This event was a graphic example of the Saturnian stone boundary of the wall being dissolved under the influence of Neptune's close conjunction. Even more graphic was that Saturn itself was in its natural Sign of Capricorn.

Also conjunct Saturn/Neptune was another tight conjunction between Venus and Uranus. Between them, Uranus went about shaking and challenging the very foundations of control and society in Eastern Europe, with Venus symbolising the renewal of relationships and a new era of fairness and balance between east and west. All four of these planets were opposite Jupiter, suggesting that this was the opportune time as well as the optimum time for this event.


Tony said...

Thanks for sharing this Joyce :-) another interesting thing about then was Jupiter was conjunct Chiron in Cancer - today they conjunct in Aquarius - people power now too but of a different kind!

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks for that, Tony. I'm all for people power...!


Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,

I'm not as well versed in astrology as you & Tony, but the pattern looks sharp and blunt.
This was an incredible turning point in History and I remember the excitement it generated !!

Keep the fire of freedom burning bright, people !!!

Hugs xx

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for that. Never mind not being as well versed in astrology - you've picked up the chart image very well, and it's relevant to the way the tools and implements used helped to bring down the wall!

If you were my student and just starting off learning how to look at charts and the image in them, I'd be saying "Well done!"

Joyce x