5 Oct 2009

Stephen Fry's Small Talent triangle

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Actor and presenter Stephen Fry was born on 24th August 1957 in London. Best known in both these roles either side of the Atlantic, Fry is also very popular amongst the Twitterati who follow his thoughts and witty musings.

No time of birth is available so his chart is set up for Noon. This makes for some interesting speculation as the overall aspect structure is small, tightly packed and only fills one of the four quadrants of the chart. Which one this would be, had we the correct birth time, it would be interesting t
o see. Whichever quadrant is emphasised, this will always leave the remainder of the chart a wide open space where Fry could well feel vulnerable to the inrush of environmental pressures and expectations.

The chart image I see is of a small conical hat, in this particular orientation set at a jaunty angle. The dominant shaping and aspect pattern is the triangular Small Talent triangle pinned by Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter/Venus at the apex. The overall chart shaping/motivation is triangular with several linear aspects making Fry adaptable and flexible but with some strong restless traits too. He comes across as laid back, polite, friendly - almost the quintessential Englishman - but he's also likely, with these linear aspects, to take off at a whim and do his own thing. It's no secret that he is bi-polar, with mood swings, nor that he went missing in 1995 when a
ppearing in a stage play in London, raising concern over his whereabouts. He'd had a breakdown and took off on his own. Aspects of his bi-polar condition could be attributed to the linearity in his chart, but that is purely my own speculation and shouldn't be taken as anything other than that.

Of his ego planets - Sun, Moon and Saturn - his Sun is weak by Sign (Virgo) at just over 1 degree into the Sign, but this may be offset to some extent by its conjunction with Pluto (even weaker by Sign, but with considerable "oomph" to boost his Sun/sense of self when needed). His Leo Moon is strong by Sign and is possibly prone to erratic and inspired responses via the weak conjunction to Uranus. Saturn is by far his strongest ego planet at almost 8 degrees Sagittarius, and it is strongly aspected.

As part of the Small Talent triangle, Fry's Saturn can be instrumental in grounding and making manifest the still-developing talent this figure embodies. The creativity brought by Uranus as the other corner of this triangle, and in conjunction with the Moon, may be significant in his acting roles. However, I've watched Fry acting on TV and in films, and feel he brings a lot of himself to his acting roles, which directs my attention to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction at the apex of this figure. The Hubers, in Aspect Pattern Astrology, say "The apex of the triangle is always a kind of goal direction"; Jupiter/Venus in Libra would certainly want to be liked! They also say of people with this figure "These are happy people who enjoy life without over-extending themselves. They plan their energies, are careful and selective in their goal setting. Once they have decided on something and it has captured their interest, all goes smoothly". All-blue figures do have a harmonious approach to life; Fry's Small Talent triangle is no exception - the potential is there for harmony and creativity and this is supported by the overall rather blue chart.

It's interesting to note that, now aged 52 and with his Age Point in the 9t
h house of his chart, Fry's latest programme for TV in the UK was a documentary about travelling across and up and down the US in a black cab. It wasn't that good because he had so little time to spend in each place, but it was a fitting topic for the 9th house!

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