2 Apr 2009

Astrology Question Time: Uranus in 2nd House

In response to my last post, and my invitation to Astrology Question Time, I've received the following question from "A":

Hi Joyce! I would like clarity on Uranus in the 2nd House. The information I find on the internet is distressing. Please provide me and your readers another viewpoint on Uranus in 2nd House. – Thanks!

Thank you, "A", for your question, and also for raising an interesting point about the astrological information you've found on the internet about Uranus in 2nd being distressing. On a personal level, I can't comment on this as I've not trawled around looking for astrological information on this subject, but I'm not surprised to hear there is a whole load of alarming and distressing information around. If you read my blog regularly you'll already know that the Huber Method is concerned with positive personal growth, using astrological psychology as a means to this end; negativity doesn't get a look in, but truth and honesty do.

Now to your question. Uranus in the 2nd House is a combination of two component parts of the natal chart - a trans (beyond) personal planet Uranus, representing the drive towards creative intelligence, and the 2nd House, representing the area of expression and life experience concerned with security and possessions.

Uranus, despite all the hoohah about it being the planet or disruption and revolution (which it can be) is actually a Fixed planet. Its energy is directed towards striving for security and stability, yet it goes about achieving this by turning things upside down and causing change and disruption along the way. This probably sounds confusing! Uranus seeks security and stability and ways of making things better and more perfect than they were before by inventing and creating systems and ways of doing things which provide greater security. It may do this by engaging with and using technology (Uranus is a techno-whizz and adept at research). As we all know, our world is awash with inventions and technical aids and gadgets designed to make life easier. And Uranus, positioned as it is beyond Saturn in our solar system, takes things beyond the realm of known security so that new forms of security can be set in place. I write about Uranus, and the other planets, at greater length in my co-authored book The Cosmic Egg Timer.

Now to the 2nd House. This is where our possessions - those things which we hold dear to ourselves and might even represent our very survival - are of paramount importance. They give us our sense of self worth. Some people might gain this sense of self worth and security from the car they own, the dishwasher they have, the diplomas and certificates they have gained, the house they live in, the clothes they wear. All these things are indications that we've acquired something which makes us feel proud and good about ourselves; they make us feel we're worth something. Of course, our possessions don't necessarily have to be tangible, concrete things. They can also be our attitudes and values. As the 2nd House is a Fixed House, we have to be aware of the inherent dangers of becoming tied to the things which give us our sense of self worth because these can make us narrow and rigid. With a healthy attitude towards the material possessions we think we need, we can more easily let go of them and concentrate on developing an internal sense of self worth, drawing on our inherent talents and abilities, which are also our "possessions" - but no-one can take these away from us!

So, "A", if we put together Uranus and 2nd House, we have a potentially very creative combination. Of course, taken out of the context of the whole chart, what I can suggest about this combination is limited to only these two components. If we were to consider the colours of the aspects Uranus receives, which aspect pattern it is involved in, where it is positioned by Sign and House, then there would be a whole lot more information available - and the additional insights to go with it too!

For more information on planets and houses see the APA website as well as the astrology courses we offer. And don't forget to pose more questions for another Astrology Question Time posting!


Marypoppings said...

I have Uranus in my 2nd house and my money situation is SO ERRATIC! I win money contest, or find jewelry all the time or get big amounts of money from time to time. BUT I also mysteriously lose my wallet at times, or purse, or my luggage with all of my designer clothes in it etc.

My conclusion: I am destined to win the lottery!

Gaubize said...

Hello Joyce, I liked your article very much. I am curious to know, though, what happens if there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius in the 2nd house in a natal chart. What that make that person totally crazy or perhaps that person would not have a sense of money whatsoever? ;) How does this conjunction work in that sign and house?

Joyce Hopewell said...

Glad you liked what I suggested about Uranus in 2nd house. How things might change if Uranus was conjunct Jupiter would depend - as I say in this post - on their position in the sign and house, which aspects they were making to other planets and which aspect patterns they were a part of. With this approach we look at the whole rather than breaking down the component parts.

However, taking Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius in 2nd as a hypothetical stand-alone situation, doesn't this suggest huge potential for the inventive/creative side of Uranus? Jupiter (see my thoughts on this planet on the blog and also my YouTube video on Jupiter and the Art of Risk Taking) is about perception and life experience - about being able to seize the right moment, based on previous learning from life experience. It's not just about "luck" because that implies sitting around waiting for something to happen. With Jupiter we use the eyes and the senses to learn and gain experience by.

Some awareness and use of the will by the Sun would be useful in this hypothetical conjunction, to stop things going OTT, but there would be an immense amount of enthusiactic potential here too. I'm reminded of James Dyson, who invented the famous bagless vacuum cleaner as well as the now-ubiquitious Airblade hand drier found in most public washrooms.

Gaubize said...

Joyce, thanks for your thoughts. Well, I hope this constellation will be "lucky" in the broadest sense. I have it in my birth chart. May I recognize opportunities and seize them too :)

scot said...

hi Joyce, What does uranus in 2nd house scorpio signify?

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Scot - I'm assuming that you were born in the late 1970's/early 1980's as this is when Uranus was in Scorpio. This is an intense and profound zodiac sign, and rather than me re-tell you all about it, I suggest you take a look at my YouTube video about Scorpio, which should help you get more of a picture of Uranus in Scorpio. You can then relate this to what I say about Uranus in 2nd house. The video link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95BdjFhOIKk