20 Jan 2009

Obama's Inauguration

Barack Obama will be sworn in as 44th US President today at around 12 noon. That is when the ceremony is scheduled to take place, so give or take a few minutes, depending on the speed of other parts of ceremony, this is what the chart for this historic event will look like. (Chart set for 20.1.2009, 12 noon, Washington DC).

: it's 18.15, UK: Obama was sworn in at 12.05, Washington. There are no significant changes to the Inauguration chart.

What I like about this chart are the clean, clear lines. There's no fuss. There are two distinct and separate triangular aspect patterns - the Single Ambivalence Figure and the Ear/Eye. They are not connected so suggest two separate motivations/drives, one towards a work/rest cycle, the other towards listening, observing and gathering information.

There are two conjunctions: Venus conjunct Uranus and Sun conjunct Mercury/Jupiter. The north node of the Moon is attached at the periphery of the second with a gentle hint of the need to put Sun, Mercury and Jupiter to good use. In other words communicate, learn, open the mind and don't limit the perceptions and wisdom that can come from this openness. These planets are in Aquarius after all, and in themselves herald the much-needed fresh start that this new President brings.

Saturn is the tension ruler of the chart, sitting alone but receiving many aspects. Saturn's opposition to Venus/Uranus indicates the work to be done - work much needed for global stability. This planetary combination is all about finding new ways of attaining stability, and with Venus involved this could be via peaceful means, through dialogue and harmonious discussion. Change has been the keynote in Obama's route to the White House, reflected in the placement of Uranus conjunct Venus in this inauguration chart and in the DC, "You" sided position of Uranus in his own chart.

Let today be one of celebration, inclusiveness and good will, and may these qualities be taken forward into a new era where they will thrive and multiply alongside the work that needs to be done and can now begin.

Obama's chart shown here. Also see what I've written about his chart in previous postings via the search facility on this blog.

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