5 Aug 2008

Barack Obama - a second term?

I first wrote about Barack Obama's chart in early January 2008, when there was no birth time available for him. Since then, verified information about his time of birth as shown on his birth certificate has come to light, and this has been accepted as a correct and reliable source by Lois Rodden's Database(visit to browse for the data of many well-known people!).

So I've set up Obama's chart for the correct time - 4.8.1961 at 7.24pm local time in Honolulu. His strong-by-Sign Leo Sun is now in the right place (not up at the top as it was for the noon chart previously used) but in the 6th house of service, and edging towards the 7th house of contact with others, and very firmly on the "You" or public side of the chart. It is best placed for meeting people, making contact, and being in touch with the needs and concerns of the "You".

Now we have the correct birth time, the orientation of the overall chart structure has changed dramatically from a vertical to a horizontal direction. Vertical charts indicate someone who seeks to get on in life and assert their own individuality; people with horizontal charts are more interested in connecting and communicating with others. They are listeners, "people persons", they have empathy and the planets which are closest to the Descendant (the DC) will suggest the way that others will perceive them. Obama's Sun and Mercury, both in Leo, are just below the horizon and are great energies for people to pick up on if they meet him or see him speak on TV. Leo is not known for it's reticence and shyness; it likes an audience to share some of that natural Leo warmth with. These two planets, placed as they are close to the DC, can both be assets. Note that Mercury is part of the Megaphone aspect pattern which I wrote about in the January posting, and Sun aspects Neptune in a linear aspect pattern. Neptune on the Balance Point of the 9th house and the highest planet in the chart indicates, on it's highest level, compassion, high ideals and forward-looking visions (I'm always more interested in the highest possible manifestation of the planets - that's what we're aiming for after all!).

On the other side of the DC, above the horizon in the 7th house, lie Uranus and Pluto. As transpersonal planets they can convey energy of change and transformation. Obama's message, which many have responded to positively, is of change. His Moon is at the bottom of the chart, close to the IC and connected to the collective. His roots and family are likely to be important to him, and he will have an easy ability to touch base with current collective feelings. The Moon is part of the Megaphone aspect pattern, and the correct birth time sets it in the lower half of the chart where it can pick up on prevailing issues and concerns of the collective.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which in my January posting I described as probably having a "push-me-pull-you" effect, now resides in the 12th house. This man is going to need some space and thinking time to solve and settle problems, whether his own personal ones or those of state, if he is elected in November (Edit 2012 - and yes, he was)

At the time of writing this he had just celebrated his 47th birthday. His Age Point is in Libra in the 8th house. Justice, fair play and retaining a sense of balance are possible background issues, but at this point in time, his Age Point is making a green learning aspect to Mars in Virgo, which is strongly placed on the 8th cusp. This will not be a quiet or restful Mars - it will want to be out there doing some good, fighting for what it deems to be right in society. Obama may well be learning how to use his ability to do this more effectively and efficiently as he makes contact with other world leaders in the run up to the November election. What is also interesting is that the Age Point in his node chart is lighting up all parts of the Megaphone aspect pattern. Pinning planets Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are all being activated from a deep level, ensuring that the mental capacity and potential of this figure are kept active, busy and well-oiled, ready for action.

Addendum and update September 2012: With the November Presidential election gradually hotting up, it seems fitting to take another look at Obama's chart and see what is happening, especially with his Age Point. At the time of his election in 2008, he was 47 and I discussed the planets his Age Point was in contact in the above paragraph.

Now things have moved on and Obama is 51. His Age Point has moved out of the air sign of Libra and into the water sign of Scorpio. No-one with their Age Point in Scorpio is going to be a pushover because they will be working with a psychological back drop of forensic determination and tenacity to support them. Obama's Age Point, as well as being  in Scorpio, is in the 9th house, bringing  issues such as justice into sharp focus. When the Age point is in the 9th house, the person can stand up for what they believe in without fear, because they have sufficient life experience behind them to back the stance they take. In addition to this, Obama's Age Point is making a square aspect to his Sun, reflecting the challenge to his authority which the challenge to his election for a second term will bring. On a personal level, his  Leo Sun is strongly placed and forward-looking. It sits in 6th house of service but also has an eye on 7th house matters of contact and communication with others. By November, the challenge of the Age Point square to the Sun has gone, and in its place is a small, hard-working semi-sextile made from his Nodal Age Point to Neptune. As I said  back in 2008: Neptune is on the Balance Point of the 9th house and is the highest planet in the chart. This indicates, on it's highest level, compassion, high ideals and forward-looking visions.


barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
That's is a good idea to come back & revisit Mr Obama's chart.You know from my recent posts that the elctions have also be closely on my mind as I watch for my ballot to arrive.
Ahhh; I'm not the only one with the age point thing Remark that for myself,all this return to voting coincides more or less with the age point.
Coincidence ??

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Barbara,

I found it really interesting looking at Obama's chart again with his birth time in place. If you are a similar age, then it's likely that you will resonate to some of the things I've said on a general level. Age 45 - 46 is often a critical turning point, and if the prevailing issues/impulses of the person are not heeded and explored, the chances are they will come up again at a later date and will be more of challenge to deal with effectively.

But everyone is an individual and in astrological psychology is treated as such. It will be interesting to see what happens for Obama in November - and it's good to know you're going ahead with that ex-pat vote!


Anonymous said...


i firmly believe that your previous chart for Obama was more correct for the current one now in use by most astrologers.

There is a great deal of debate regarding his birth certificate and many people, most imortantly, Phillip Berg, formerly the Attorney General of Pennsylvania are so convinced of it's invalidity, that he has filed an injunction with The DNC.

To me, this totally meshes with your original chart that had Obama's ascendant as Scorpio, especially with Neptune on the ascendant. The whole concept of idenity with him is blurred: his birth place. birth time, christian, muslim, naturalized indonesian, etc. you name it. It's rather nebulous as to where he began life and to which country and faith he owes his allegiance to.

I'm sure it's much easier to use the chart that is most widespread on The Net.

I will write about this in my blog as to how his birth/date/place/time are a mystery and how it relates to his persona.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,

I cannot find a way to send you an email, but I have addressed The Obama Scorpio vs Aquarius rising chart on my site.


I'm not attache as to whether you publish this comment or not, but would simply like to bring this post regarding Obama as a son of Neptune to your attention.


Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Robert - thanks for your comments and the link to your own blog where readers can share in your thoughts about Obama's rising sign.

Joyce :-)