29 Oct 2007

What makes you smile?

I've been tagged by blogger friend Barbara, a fellow Virgo, who has nominated me for the "You make me smile" award. Without a doubt, Barbara's warm, friendly and informative blog often makes me smile.

Smiling, laughter and humour in general are something I ponder on from time to time, wondering just where they might be pinpointed in a birth chart. Would it be possible to know if someone had a sense of humour and, if so, what kind, just from looking at their chart? I guess maybe not, although there would be clues to suggest this, especially if you already knew the person, or knew something about them.

I'd veer towards Jupiter in my chart as the planet most likely to be associated with humour and laughter. Its qualities of being larger than life, of being associated with expansion, perception and experience fit in with this, and it's the planet that Holst, composer of The Planet's Suite, called "the bringer of jollity". Mercury could also be associated with humour with it's capacity to be quick thinking and quick witted; quick, clever and witty humour is something I appreciate and enjoy. Then there is Uranus, which I associate with off-beat, quirky humour (and I like that too!).

Here are a few other bloggers who I'd like to pass this award on to as they feed and nurture different aspects of my sense of humour:

Lobo makes me laugh and appeals to my Uranian sense of humour. His blog has Mercurial wit too, and warns people that it contains adult content. Go and see....!

Rivkaz, based in Singapore, writes a blog called Water Learner and she makes me smile gently as she goes with the flow of life and shares her learning and experience along the way.

Jennifer writes a beautiful and thoughtful blog called Goodness Graciousness which appeals to my Jupiter conjunct Neptune.


jennifer said...

Hi Joyce....

Thank you so much for this kind award! :-)

And... I am happy to "meet" you!

Very fun that you are an astrologer!

You seem like you really know what you are doing... unlike some! (smile)!

Blessings and my heartfelt graditude to you!


LOBO said...

As the recipient of the "You Make Me Smile" award, I would like to thank all the little people I hadda step on to achieve it. I'll bet all those broken and dashed hopes and dreams don't seem so bad knowing their sacrifices were not in vain ...

Thanks Joyce! Great site!


WaterLearner said...

Hi Joyce!!

I am so honoured to be the recipient of this award from you. Thanks! I look forward to seeing your comments on your next visit to my site.


Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you all. Keep blogging and creating those smiles that ripple round the world - or in Lobo's case, keep stepping on all those little people to make sure the laughs keep coming!

Joyce :-))

barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
You are very welcome. You are an interesting blogger, with these keen astrological viewpoints,and a great person to know.
That's wonderful that you are making friends in the blogosphere.

Spread those good vibrations and laughter :)

You take care.