6 Jul 2006

Belle-fille's Recorder

Deviating from my original "mission statement" of discussing the charts of people in the news, I'm taking a look at the chart of my belle-fille, Maylis (22.1.1977, 08.15, Amiens).

The French "belle-fille" and "belle-mere" (that's me!) sounds far nicer than the English daughter/mother-in-law, translating literally as beautiful daughter/mother. I like that!

Maylis's chart looks like an open mouth, eager to taste and take things in, and open ( perhaps sometimes vulnerable?) to meeting other people, and/or situations as well. I choose her chart to look at right now because she has created her own blog, http://maylisandhugh.blogspot.com
and she has an on-line gallery showcasing her photography: www.maylisphotgraphy.com

Maylis's chart shows heaps of talent which is embedded within the 3 Small Talent triangles she has: one in the lower, unconscious, hemisphere of the chart pinned by Mars, Venus & Jupiter, one is pinned by Moon, Mercury and Uranus, and spans Houses 2-9, and the other is in the upper, consious, hemisphere pinned by Saturn, Neptune & Pluto. The presence of a Small Talent Triangle in a chart suggests the person has a still-developing talent or ability. There is inherent potential to be had, but this has to consciously worked at so that the development of the talent is on-going throughout their lifetime. Maylis's talent appears - to me at least! - to be connected to photography and the use of image. Many of her photographs have a special "something" about them, and this I relate to the presence of both Neptune and Saturn (for practically "grounding" and manifesting the images that she sees - she learned to develop them herself too, before digital cameras came along) in the upper Talent triangle.

Look closer and you will see that this upper hemisphere aspect pattern does not stand alone; it is attached to a Search figure, and is actually a part of the larger quadrangular figure called a Recorder. This is described by the Hubers in "Aspect Pattern Astrology" as functioning like a recorder which "stores, among other things, feelings, situations and destinies, and can replay them in such a way that one imagines they are there."

What is interesting is that the Small Talent triangle in the lower half of the chart links directly into the Recorder, via Mars in Capricorn in the 12th House. Mars acts as a fulcrum, energising both upper and lower aspect patterns, and appears as the possible moving force not only in activating the talent embedded within her chart, but also as the driving force for the open mouth image.

Take a look at her on-line gallery, where you can also buy copies of her work, and see for yourself an example of how something that shows up in a chart can be expressed in real life. www. maylisphotography.com

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