30 Sep 2014

Where have you come from, where are you now and where are you heading?

Don't we all want to know, when things are either going a bit pear shaped, or when we feel we're at a significant crossroads in life, what this is all might be leading to?

My book, Using Age Progression, will offer guidance on where you are now and where you're heading, as well as helping you look back and reflect on previous, earlier life experiences which will colour and influence your life and the decisions you make. In this book I've distilled the Huber's unique approach to timing in the horoscope. It's written in a concise and easy-to-read style and includes a wealth of  illustrative example charts.

Take a look too at some of the charts in this resource website where I've used, applied and discussed Age Progression. Click on LifeClock and Age Point in the labels cloud on the left. It will take you to a selection of charts, which include those of John Kerry, Nelson Mandela, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams and Freddie Mercury. 

You can use Age Progression to seek meaning in what often feels like the jumble of events in your life. It can show what sort of influences are likely to be at work at different stages in your life. 
It provides a tool which can identify precisely where you are in your life journey and it takes into account the psychological and developmental stage you're currently moving through, along with what this means for you as a unique individual. The Huber's book, LifeClock, provides additional depth and detail on this gilt-edged technique.

Both books are available from the APA Book Shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,
I have your book on AP and the Hubers Life Clock. Can you comment on AP square Nodes. I have been doing some chart retification and I have some major stuff going on at a AP square to Node but I didn't think this would be particularly powerful? Every other bit of AP timing fits in very well so bit concerned this is nothing important, meaning I have the timing wrong?

Joyce Hopewell said...

You don't tell me enough to know what else you've looked at in your chart, but from what you say it sounds as though you're on the right lines, especially as you're usiing the 2 books referred to (thank you for using mine!). I wouldn't discount AP square the Node - it could be a real wake up call or nudge, but in which direction will depend upon where the node is, which house it's in and so on, according to what you've read in the books. And, of course, which house you own AP is in at this particular point in time, and whereabouts it is in the house. The Node will add depth to whatever you're investigating, and the AP square will most likely act as a challenge for you to take action. That's all I can suggest without knowing more details - over to you now!