7 Sep 2014

The Virgo month, the Libra month

Virgo, Amiens cathedral
I've written several posts about the Zodiac Signs of the moment, so with the Sun currently in Virgo (23rd August - 23rd September) and then in Libra (23rd September to 23rd October), here are some charts and resources to browse through for both signs. Click on the links.

The charts of several well-known performers, past and present, including Lauren Bacall who died recently.

Earthy Pleasures with the Sun in Virgo 

A different take on this sign, the time of the year, and how the harvest is celebrated in one part of France.

Then there is my YouTube video on Virgo:

Now on to Libra:
Libra - the grape harvest

Sun in Libra

There are plenty of Libran qualities on show  in this post. . .

The Autumnal Equinox
. . .and in this one too, together with some thoughts on the equinox and the esoteric seed thought for the sign.

And there's also my YouTube video on Libra:


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