10 Aug 2014

This blog: an astrological psychology resource centre

The chart for the start of this blog on 4th March 2006

I've been writing this blog since 2006 (click here for an early post outlining what to expect)) and it offers a full and very comprehensive selection of chart interpretations and articles on astrological psychology - also known as the Huber Method. 

The chart interpretations include a wealth of well-known people, and the articles outline various aspects and techniques used in astrological psychology.

The blog is a rich and useful resource centre for anyone interested on learning more about astrological psychology and the Huber Method and readers, students, seekers, searchers are directed to the Labels cloud in the sidebar.

Here you will find umpteen posts on various topics - I've lost count of how many there are and what they are about, but I do know they are very wide-ranging. Use these as a resource to discover more for yourself about astrological psychology and how it works. Used alongside my co-authored book, The Cosmic Egg Timer, you will have at your fingertips a lot of information about astrological psychology which you can apply to your own chart - but note, this will only work effectively if your chart is drawn up in the Huber-style! 

If you want to take things further and study astrological psychology in depth, visit the Astrological Psychology Association website.

And if you have a request for a topic or subject that you'd like to hear more about, please do request it!

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