19 Nov 2013

John F Kennedy 50 years on

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK is being marked and remembered as 22nd November 2013 nears. Many people around the world will recall hearing the news, experiencing the shock and the aftermath of this event.
Kennedy was born on 29th May 1917 at 3.00 pm in Brookline, MA, USA. His chart is sparse and graphic.
The aspect structure is almost completely linear and tangential, with only one aspect pattern, the Small Learning triangle pinned by the Mercury/Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, with Venus and Moon at the other two corners. The chart image is one which conveys a rather gawky, awkward appearance, and the separate semi-sextile at the top of the chart formed by Saturn/Neptune and Pluto has little chance of being integrated into the overall pattern. It would act as a separate, possibly quite strong-willed part of his personality.

I don't intend to make a detailed anaylsis of his chart, but will focus on features which are interesting in the light of what is known about JFK the person and President. Family expectations for him were high. He came from a weathy and influential background, and was brought up in the Catholic faith. His father is said to have been absent, his mother cold and remote. In the Huber's Family Model, the Sun represents the father and Saturn the mother principle (note - NOT the mother, the protective mothering principle). The child, in the Family Model, is represented by the Moon. JFK's Virgo Moon is tucked away on the AC side of the chart and looks quite lonely and isolated. It is close to the 12th cusp so psychologically would be more interested in 12th house matters than in those of the 11th house where it just about has a foothold. Children with a Moon placement such as this tend towards retreating into their own space. 

The Sun, with its loose conjunction to Venus in Gemini in 8th suggests the experience of a father who is charming and communicative, deeply engaged with the matters of a wider society and a networker/businessman. Saturn is part of the detached semi-sextile which spans the top of the chart. Saturn's conjunction with Neptune may indicate a yearning for love and acceptance on the part of the child (JFK himself) but this could have felt way out of his reach, with her being potentially powerful and scary, taking into consideration the connection with Pluto alongside the dominant position of Saturn at the top of the chart. 

JFK was renowned for his womanising and had great charisma. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, all strongly placed in 8th house and squaring Uranus could convey his pulling power as well as his charm, and Venus conjunct Sun in Gemini - part of the complete Small Learning triangle - would contribute to this, along with his ability to be a powerful orator.

JFK's Age Progression is worth noting - he married at age 36, as his Age Point in Aries crossed the DC and entered the 7th house. This is often a time of opening up to new horizons in life. Marriage made his selection and election as President more likely - the "Camelot" family of John, Jackie and their young children was very appealing. His renowned long term affair with Marilyn Monroe coincides with his Age Point transitting the 7th house, yet his marriage to Jackie appeared solid. 

JFK was sworn in as President in January 1961. He was 44 and his Age Point was on the Balance Point of the 8th house. The Balance Point experience in Age Progression is one of being able to respond smoothly and easily to the demands of the environment; when the Age Point reaches the Low Point this becomes more challenging. In November 1963, JFK's Age Point had already moved through the Low Point in the 8th house and as he was was driven through Dallas in the open-topped car, waving and smiling at the crowds, with Jackie at his side, he was shot dead.

He was 46 and his Age Point was conjunct his Sun.

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