24 Sep 2013

The astrology and psychology of relationships

Relating - part of everyday life

Relationships form a vital part of our everyday lives, yet they are probably the one thing where we feel we get things wrong, or misread the signals being given out. The question we might ask is "How can astrology help us be more successful in our relationships?"

In order to improve the way we interact with others, most often on a one-to-one basis, an understanding of where we are coming from ourselves can be very helpful indeed, and this is where the natal chart and astrological psychology can be a great help.

Chart A
Here are two chartsThe aspect structure in both is horizontal, indicating that the person is motivated towards contact with others, which is good news in the context of relationships. Both individuals will be willing to go out and meet people, make contact and form relationships in their lives, because relationships are important to people whose charts show a horizontal direction in the overall aspect structure (of course, this can only be accurately ascertained with an accurate time of birth).

Chart B
Although in astrology generally we might like to think that what we project out into the world to those we interact with and relate to comes from the 1st house, this is not necessarily the case. When taking an astrological/psychological look at the chart, the planet or planets in the 7th house are those which are most significant.

Planets on the DC (descendant) of the chart are those which are picked up on first by people we meet, followed by any planet or planets which are closest to the DC. If there are no planets on the DC, look to see which are closest. This is because whatever planet is there will respresent the quality/energy that will meet others when they first meet us.

Chart A has Sun/Moon in Cancer on the DC. They are opposite Neptune, so from this we could infer that this person is very willing to make contact with others, will do so with warmth (Moon involved) and also compassion/sensitivity (Sun/Moon opposite Neptune).

Chart B has Pluto in Scorpio on the DC. This is opposite Sun/Mercury, so from this we could infer that this person will be a striking, potentially powerful person (some might also experience them as a bit scary or be aware they are no pushover), but they will still be willing to communicate and make contact with others, and will draw on the energies of Sun/Mercury in opposition. They could be powerful communicators.

Both of these charts belong to real people, and both are featured in my new book Using Age Progession - Understanding Life's Journey. Available from the APA Book Shop, Amazon and other booksellers.

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