26 Feb 2013

John Kerry

Chart of John Kerry, the new US Secretary of State, who was born on 11th December 1943 at 08.03, in Fitzsimons, Colorado.

John Kerry has recently become Secretary of State in Obama's second term of administration, replacing Hillary Clinton who has stood down for health reasons. Kerry is no newcomer to high profile politics, having run for President in 2004. Kerry based his 2004 campaign on opposition to the Iraq war, but he and his running mate lost the race, finishing 35 electoral votes behind the Republican ticket headed by President George W. Bush.
Kerry's chart shows some interesting features - a Bathtub aspect pattern which fills the upper hemisphere of his chart, leaving the lower half virtually untenanted; a lot of tension with 3 red oppositions on the 1/7 Encounter axis which spans the AC/DC area; a stellium of 4 planets in Gemini; an 8th house North Node conjunct Pluto; Neptune on the MC, and now, at age 69, his Age Point is opposite Uranus.

First the Bathtub, a quadrangular figure with 3 green quincunx aspects. Security comes from learning, asking questions, seeking out information - all features of the Bathtub figure with its excessive green aspects -  but it may be difficult to hold on to all of this as the Bathtub is upside down in the chart, and the contents can easily be lost. Pluto and the Moon's Node in 8th house are on one of the corners of this figure, reflecting the drive to make changes in society - he's not a Democrat for nothing! The Moon's Node here, alongside Pluto, demands a selflessness which Kerry has embraced. He comes from a strong faith background, served in Vietnam and has received military honours.

At the time his Age Point was moving over the 4 planets in the stellium - Uranus, Mars, Moon and Saturn all opposing his 1st house Sun - he was gaining experience and standing in the political field and developing his political career. Appropriate then, that his Age Point was also in the sign of Gemini, renowned for it's ability to gather information and communicate it readily. It looks as if his 1st house Sagittarian Sun, strong by both sign and house, is in control of those 4 stellium planets, decisively directing them from the rear. Idealistic Neptune is the highest planet in the chart and is stressed before the MC so will be drawing on the energies of the planets it aspects - Uranus, Venus and Mercury - and it may well embody a dream or vision that he's working towards. Right now, his Age Point is opposite Uranus - who knows what his ideas for the future are in his new role as Secretary of State? The press say "Secretary of state's choice of maiden voyage – to UK, Europe and Saudi Arabia – has a familiar 20th-century feel" following his recent meeting with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague in London. We shall see....

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