3 Dec 2012

The Mayan 2012 Prophesy

Chart set for 21.12.2012 at noon in London
Is the end of the world coming on 21st December 2012? The 2012 Mayan Prophesy of armageddon and cataclysmic events coincides with the end date of the 5,125 year cycle in the Mayan calendar, and a trawl through the internet will provide far more information on this than I'm going to give here. But the chart for this "event" is worth considering as  astrologers have been giving attention to it for some time now.

What is special about this chart and what can it tell us? I'm approaching this from the viewpoint of astrological psychology, which is not like predictive astrology. Is the world going to end on the Winter Solstice? I doubt it, because dramatic and cataclysmic changes are already happening. Global temperatures and the temperature of the seas are rising and huge chunks of ice in the polar regions are breaking off and melting. Extreme weather patterns and storms are headline news and glaciers have been receding for years. We could say that armageddon is already here.

The chart itself is dominated by one complete aspect pattern - the triangular Projection Figure, pinned by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter, at the apex and receving only red/green aspects is highly sensitised because of this, making it primed for action. The hopes, fears, perceptions, experiences, knowledge and sensory awareness associated with Jupiter are projected on to the blue screen pinned by Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter is strongly placed by sign in Gemini and will be extremely adept at gathering  a wide variety of relevant information in order to get the big picture.

Saturn is likewise strongly placed by sign in Scorpio, and as one of the screen's pinning planets will be unlikely to take any nonsense. Paring things down to the essential bare bones of survival is indicated here, along with ditching what is no longer necessary. This approach is echoed by Pluto's equally strong sign placement in Capricorn. Change is needed in all areas of established "authority" - change of mind and change of heart too. Pluto, at it's highest level, is about perfection of being. Humankind collectively has to undergo a transformation in order to survive. We can't go on using the planet as a dumping ground for the toxins we produce, and which give us the easy lifestyle we've grown accustomed to.

But of course there will be resistance to this just as there always is to big change. Jupiter is opposite Mercury and Venus indicating polarised viewpoints, discussion and desires as an outcome is sought.....if it will, in the short term, ever be sought. 

I'm reminded of the Chinese proverb: Crisis is Danger and Opportunity. Yes, there's probably danger around in the timing of this event - Saturn and Pluto in their current configuration certainly hint at that. But there are also opportunities there to be taken and used if we wake up to what is going on in our world and environment, and begin to take it more seriously. And this is the energy and drive that Jupiter represents in this Projection Figure aspect pattern in this particular chart and at this particular time. If the world really does end on 21st December none of this will matter. But it it doesn't, it will continue to matter a lot.

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