4 Mar 2012

6 years on and going strong

Today - 4th March - marks the 6th "birthday" of this blog. I started writing about astrological psychology together with astrological chart interpretations on 4th March 2006. The chart is set for 16.14, the time the first posting was published back in 2006.

The chart for the start has a mixture of Triangular and
Linear aspects. The linear, disconnected aspect lines give a restless, tangential approach and motivation (yes - I only write when there is something or someone of interest to me) alongside a more flexible, fluid and changeable approach which is part and parcel of the triangular aspect patterns.

There are two complete aspect patterns in the chart: an Ambivalence figure and an Efficicency/Performance figure. Both are triangular. Both include the red opposition between Jupiter and Moon on the IC/MC axis of Individuality.

Moon is high in the chart - the highest planet - so I really
do like and appreciate any comments I receive from readers. Moon opposite Jupiter speaks of my enthusiasm for astrological psychology as a method of self-understanding and growth in self-awareness and ultimately getting a whole lot more out of life. In the Ambivalence figure, the planets at the all-blue corner are Sun/Uranus - pleasingly appropriate for an astrological blog written by an enthusiast with 26 years experience of using this approach, and placed in 7th house, where contact can be made with others.

The Efficiency/Performance figure, which the Moon/Jupiter opposition is also a part of, has Neptune at the apex. This means that Neptune is the outlet and conduit for what is written - and it's given out freely, via the 6th house of service. Note that Neptune is also appropriately placed in Aquarius.

A quick look at the blog's Age Progression shows that the hand of the LifeClock has just entered the 2nd house where a sense of preserving what has been established so far is important. This coincides with transiting Jupiter being in opposition to natal Jupiter (Jupiter is currently in Taurus). And the hand of the LifeClock is opposite Mercury in 8th house. If I needed any further encouragement to continue with this blog, there it is!

Some readers may have spotted that this chart for the blog's start has only blue and red aspects - it has no green aspects at all - and this suggests a tendency for an either/or, "on/off" approach. Yes, that's right - I only blog when I want to and when I feel I have something to write about.

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Barb said...

Hello Joyce,

Very warm wish es to your suburb blog for a other year and beyond. I admit to having been sidetracked by photography and going off on that track..
I have enjoyed may wonderful insights here. Keep up thé beautiful cosmic inspiration.