20 Jan 2012

Mitt Romney

Writing in January 2012 I said: Mitt Romney is fast emerging as the favourite nominee for Republican candidate in the 2012 Presidential election. Born in 12.3.1947 at 09.51 in Detroit, MI, his chart shows a lot of red and blue aspects, with just about enough green to deter him from veering into a very on/off, either/or motivation towards life.

The chart image, which can give insights into the person's inner life and motivation, is reminiscent of scaffolding poles around a building and brings to mind ideas of construction, or work in progress as the disconnected aspects seek to complete something and make it whole.

The direction the aspects move in indicates which areas of life the person is motivated tomove towards - upwardly vertical suggests someone who wants to be noticed and recognised as an individual; horizontal aspects show more emphasis is placed on making contact. Romney has both. No less than 4 planets ride high in the chart, with Venus very strong on the MC right at the top. The horizontal reaching out comes via the close Moon/Jupiter conjunction almost on the DC, the point where the person meets the "You" (others) eyeball to eyeball. This is a very useful place for a politician to have pleasant, warm, open and generally friendly planets (pyschological drives) such as Moon (the sense of self gained through emotions) and Jupiter (the drive to genial, open to gaining knowledge and first hand experience). Note, though, that Romney's Moon/Jupiter is opposite his North Node in 1st house, suggesting that his task is to balance out his own needs against those of others, and to not neglect himself along the way. Of interest here, with the Moon's North node in 1st, is that people with this nodal placement can wilfully ignore themselves, especially when there may be things which are too uncomfortable for them to look at and acknowledge, or perhaps which they would rather were kept quiet.

The chart has only 2 complete aspect patterns: an Ambivalence figure and a Projection figure. The former has his high-up Venus opposite Pluto - is he someone who likes to be liked, to be seen to be friendly and to be recognised for this? With Pluto involved, is there an element of power play at work, maybe at an unconscious level? People with this aspect pattern tend to work hard in the red part of the figure and escape and enjoy in the area where the all-blue planet is - in his case Neptune in 5th. Are there elements of real escapism for him? Time with friends and family and in leisure pursuits - games, sport, art, film, socialising?

And what about the Projection figure? These figures are about putting out into the world what is important to the indivual and they work a bit like a projection screen. The planet at the green apex seeks to project what it wants to achieve on to the blue "screen". So in Romney's chart, Mercury up at the top of the chart and strongly placed on 11th cusp is needing to get its message across to the screen which spans 4th/5th houses and is pinned by Pluto and Neptune. Something of a theme starts to emerge here as both these planets are involved in the Ambivalence figure, suggesting both interact and feed into one another.

Romney is nearly 65. His natal chart Age Point is aspecting both Mercury and Uranus and the Age Point in his Moon Node chart is aspecting Neptune and Pluto, both major players in both aspect patterns in his chart. In anyone's chart, this would be of great interest and potential significance; in the chart of a prospective US Presidential candidate, this is certainly so. Watch this space!

Addendum 8th Feb: I said to watch this space and here's a brief update. Romney, I gather, has lost some support over the story of his mistreatment of the family's dog Seamus in 1983. This passed me by in the UK so thanks to a friend in AZ who passed this snippet on to me. He confined his Irish Setter (quite a large dog) to an airtight container and strapped it on the roof of his car, driving for 12 hours with it there - and thought it was OK to do this. Of course, he may have changed since then.....

But today's news is that he's lost to Rick Santorum in the states of Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri (in a beauty contest?!? - the subtleties of American politics are beyond me here), but the question is, how will Romney feel about this defeat? He's also said, reportedly, that he doesn't care about the poor, which won't help his campaign at all, apart from with those who also don't care about the poor. Let's go back to how he might feel, bearing in mind that feelings could be something he brushes aside. His Moon/Jupiter on the DC will have taken a knock, but it's a Scorpio Moon so don't underestimate this guy - he could get nasty. And I wonder if saying that he doesn't care about the poor could be something to do with his Age Point currently aspecting both Mercury and Uranus, so words start coming out inappropriately?

Addendum 24th September: Romney has recently had a week of opening his mouth and putting his foot right in it. The UK press have focussed on his dismissive comments made about those on benefits and lower incomes, and the video of him saying this. He's doing himself no favours and many Republicans must be squirming with embarrassment at his current performance. Things could get very interesting when he and Obama meet for the public debates. Will Romney have got his Mercury under control by then...?

That may be an interesting one to watch as Romney's Age Point is in Aries, not a sign known for restraint. Aries energy often acts/speaks first and considers later, which is not to knock it as it's also a great source of impetus for initiating and getting things done. As well as being in Aries, Romney's Age Point is in the stress zone before the 12th cusp. This is again an area where impulsive, anxious and pushy behaviour may be in evidence, and the individual concerned will be more interested in the qualities and themes of the upcoming house, and not the one the Age Point is in. Does Romney have an eye on 12th house matters? That I wouldn't like to say, but it appears that his current comments and performance do correlate with Aries-like behaviour from the stress zone.

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