6 Mar 2011

Uranus in Aries

I wrote this post in 2011, when Uranus moved out of Pisces and into Aries where it still is now, at the start of 2017. As we move forward into a new year with Pluto in Capricorn for another 7 years it may we useful to get a handle on what Uranus represents and symbolises.

Uranus - world improver?

 Uranus is in the last few degrees of Pisces and moves into Aries on 12th March 2011. In their book “The Planets”, The Hubers call Uranus “The World Improver”. The Uranian qualities of improvement through change via the overthrow of old, rigid, undemocratic systems have all been evident in recent dramatic events in the Middle East. Revolution in Tunisia sparked and fired revolution in Egypt. Demonstrations against outdated regimes are now taking place in Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen and Morocco. The current situation in Libya is dangerous and chaotic, developing day by day and moving closer than ever to civil war.

These events are ongoing and unrest in the Middle East is spreading, with people rising up against outdated dynastic regimes.

It's as if Uranus, reaching the final degrees of Pisces, is agitating the fishes’ tails ahead its imminent move into Aries, with its ram’s head ready to butt. This suggests there could be more to come and that the hunger for change is still in its early days.

Aries is symbolic of new plant life shooting forth from the earth as well as being symbolic of the ram's horns. It also rules the head, where new ideas are created, and are sometimes expressed in a headstrong way. The transit of Uranus through Aries could therefore be a time of fruitful new ideas, as reforms are sought and creative ways of providing security are tried out. Of Uranus on the mental level, the Hubers say it “symbolises the power of the independent spirit that pushes forwards over the habitual boundaries of thought and into the transpersonal realm, from worldly to universal thinking”.

The Uranian Spirit is about maintaining security, and people are often surprised by this. They perhaps only know about the revolutionary qualities associated with this planet, it’s ability to turn things upside down, create chaos and move on to the new. Yet Uranus brings about change in order to gain more security in the future - the old and outworn is discarded in favour of new ways of doing things which enhance and improve the living conditions of all. Uranus is associated with technology, and it was interesting to see just how powerful the use of mobile phones and internet networking sites was in the recent Egyptian revolution. Likewise in Libya, where there have been internet blackouts. So threatening were these to the authorities that access to them was shut down, proving that the power of instant communication is undeniably mightier than the sword.

The spirit of Uranus thrives on opposition. Its calling is to right wrongs and improve conditions, seeking divergently to find solutions to problems. Creative intelligence is brought into play and original ideas are put forward to bring about reforms. Uranus is concerned with finding the perfect world, and this it does through research, knowing that there may be no final solution. The search itself is what is truly important. Uranus at its highest level can tap into the pure creativity of the universe, the place where sudden brainwaves come from, and that elusive “a-ha!” moment.

Here's what I say about Uranus on my YouTube channel:


chiKa said...

.., any toughts about japans earthquake and tsunami??

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Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Maria,

Thank you very much! Top Blogs badge claimed & displayed in sidebar.

Hello chiKa,

Hard to make any comments which wouldn't sound trivial or shallow in the face of Japan's current problems, and what the people caught up in this natural, and now nuclear, disaster are going through. Their fortitude and dignity are an example for us all.


chiKa said...

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for your answer.

Believe thats true! We indeed could learn from their fortitude and dignity it is an very good example for all of us.

Best wishes,

Barbara said...

Hello Joyce,
It was lovely to listen to your video. Like everyone, I have been attaching my seat belt as we move our way through revolutions and unrest.

I hope that this has not rocked your everyday world too much! Its too late for me; I have been rocking since quite awhile & there is more to come!



Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks Barbara,

Yes, we do live in interesting and turbulent times right now, and like you, I think there's going to be a whole lot more to come.

So it's time to tighten seat belts and time to take stock of security and all we've been taking for granted.

Joyce x

Minnie said...

Fascinating take on Uranus, Joyce - many thanks for this, which makes perfect sense.
Best wishes from France (+ someone with Uranus rising connected to Moon in 4th ... aaargh!).