28 Aug 2010

Astrological Houses - Where in the World are You?

The 12 astrological houses are divisions of time and space which are applied to the birth chart to divide it into 12 separate areas, each one relating to a specific field of life experience and expression. There are many house systems used in astrology, most of them unequal apart from the equal house system, which is a very basic and simplistic method of house division.

The Koch house system is used in the Huber Me
thod of Astrological Psychology as it gives the most reliable results when working with Age Progression, using the correct time of birth.

The h
ouses are the environment we live in, and this changes all the time, depending where we are and who we're interacting with. We may be in the 6th house when at work - but what if you work from home? Does the 4th house then become your place of work? Or do you have a designated "6th house" room or area in your home where you do your work? Supposing you are a child minder working in your own home? The 5th house is sometimes associated with children and creativity so does your living room treble up as 4th, 5th and 6th house? If you work alone and in isolation like, for example, a night time security guard, you could be on your own and very much in the 12th house - but this is also a 6th house setting as you'll be at work.

This begs the question of whether the boundaries of the houses should be regarded as rigid? Or are they more dynamic, something which is movable and adaptable because one area of life flows into and intersects with another? That sounds much more like real life to me, where astrology becomes far more than a theoretical appraisal of us and our place in the world around us, and takes on tangible shape and meaning as we interact with the environment in which we find ourselves.

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