31 Jul 2010

Saturn in Libra

Saturn entered the sign of Libra on 21st July 2010, and will stay in this sign until October 2012. The chart is set for Saturn's grand entry into Libra, at 17.20 (when it was just one second into the sign) on 21.7.2010 in London.

Interesting chart with a Double Ambivalence figure dominating. The opposition in this figure includes Saturn conjunct Mars at the top of the chart and close to the MC, opposite Jupiter conjunct Uranus down at the bottom and close to the IC. This particular Double Ambivalence figure doesn't have a green quincunx as shown in the sample here, which means there is a more black/white, either/or flavour to this particular configuration. Saturn and Mars together make a formidable couple - determined, strong, fearless and the conjunction of these two planets always makes me think of Roman Centurion, a military leader. These two stay together for a short while until Mars moves on and away in early August. Jupiter/Uranus stay together for a bit longer, opposing Saturn and presenting challenges to the authority of this stickler of the solar system. Jupiter/Uranus could allow things to get out of hand; Saturn provides the checks and balances and helps in bringing some realism to bear.

What might be some of the manifestations of Saturn in Libra? We're already into times of tightening belts and being far more cautious with spending on luxuries. There is a touch of "make do and mend" about - fashion is not always to be followed slavishly and people are returning to vintage styles, searching charity shops for bargains and making/knitting their own.

If Libra stands for diplomacy and fair play, and Saturn for calling a spade a spade, then it's very interesting that British PM David Cameron has recently ruffled some foreign feathers by his plain, truthful speaking about two countries (Israel with reference to Palestine, and when in India, with reference to Pakistan). This is a refreshing change from the usual bland diplomacy. It's also interesting to learn that women's lib is undergoing a resurgence - fair and equal pay, recognition, treatment and consideration of women is still sadly lacking. Saturn in Libra ? Bring it on!

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