21 Jun 2010

The Planets go Hiking in Lion Country

I recently visited the Chisos mountains area of Big Bend National Park in the south of Texas where mountain lions (cougars) and black bears roam. This was the sign by the trail near the cabin where I was staying, and I read it carefully before setting off on a hike, especially as I'd heard that a lion had been seen chasing deer near the reception area the night before! I was hiking with a small group, in daylight, so the likelihood of seeing a lion was pretty small....nevertheless, Saturnian caution was advised. Here's the trail we were hiking along (note: plenty of undergrowth as cover for lions...)

And here's how I was reacting on that hike, very aware of the drives, characteristics and motivations of some of the planets:

Mercury - I was using my ears, listening out for any rustling sounds in the undergrowth and paying attention to all details around me, such as tracks on the ground.

Jupiter - my all-round peripheral sensory awareness was very alert, my senses were primed and I was aware that what I was doing contained an element of risk (but hang on, said my more rational Sun, it's broad daylight, lions usually hunt around dusk, or when it's dark. Never mind that, chipped in Saturn, remember you read an article earlier this year about someone being attacked by a cougar in broad daylight....).

Venus and Saturn were in cahoots for this hike, making sure that what I was wearing was practical and sensible - sensible clothing and shoes, sunhat, sun screen, bottle of water etc. - all tasteful of course...

Sun made the decision to go on this hike, with Mars tagging along to provide the energy and impetus to do so, keeping me going when walking uphill got a bit challenging in the heat, and staying on red alert for fight or flight if I did see a lion.

Did I see a lion? No. But it was interesting to observe my reactions to this situation and the feelings that went with them. The nearest I got up close and personal to the local wildlife was when a skunk crept up behind me in the dark and stood pretty close. And no, it didn't spray.


Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,

Very enjoyable :)
Now, if you would have seen a lion, that would have been a real test for ALL of your planetary behavoirs combined!!

The American that Iam is pleased each time you go to the USA :)

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Barbara,

Had I seen a lion I think Mars - fight or flight - would have come into operation!! Along with a huge adrenaline rush!

I've enjoyed all my trips to the US and hope to go back & see more ;-)

Joyce x