13 May 2010

The Cameron/Clegg Coalition

At 09.33 on Wednesday 12th May 2010, in London, the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, greeted the new deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, at the door of no. 10 Downing Street. Both men shooks hands for approximately 7 seconds, symbolically starting the coalition formed between the Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties. Data from the BBC and the chart is set up for this time.

And what an interesting chart it is. Dominated by a relatively rare aspect pat
tern - the Striving Figure - it has Jupiter conjunct Uranus on the MC at the highest point of the chart, opposite Saturn on the IC, at the foundation and anchor point. The orientation of the Striving Figure in the chart is vertical, not horizontal as shown in the diagram here, and it has Saturn on the IC at its apex. Spanning the 4/10 Individuality axis of the chart, the opposition acts like a backbone and the figure looks like a dart diving down into the collective. With Saturn at this apex point on the IC, its aim and goal and all it seeks to achieve is security and stability - exactly what Cameron and Clegg are saying their aim is for this country. I was astounded to see this chart when I set it up shortly after hearing the time of this historic and symbolic meeting on the steps of no. 10. The symbolism of this aspect pattern, together with the planets involved, has a rightness about it.

Jupiter/Uranus on the MC speak of change, opportunity and being open to that change and what it brings. They also speak of risk and uncertainty, moving on from the old, assured and tired ways of doing things, staying open to seeing the whole big picture, and the need to stay receptive to what is new and innovative. In short, a potentially exciting combination. The Striving Figure, which appears upside down in the chart, has its inverted "base" flanked by Moon/Mercury (good for communication and expressing feelings & needs) and Neptune (indicative of good will, which this coalition requires to hold in mind all the time).

What of the meaning of the Striving Figure itself? Here I quote from Aspect Pattern Astrology by Bruno & Louise Huber, available from the APA on-line Book Shop. The Hubers say of this pattern "The great sensitivity of the green aspects tends to weaken the "backbone"....for such a figure, salvation lies in using sensitivity and intelligence to strengthen the backbone and develop qualities to achieve goals....The green aspects mean receptivity to the needs of others. It is clear that this requires real self-scrutiny, but also the conversion of possible deep-seated feelings of inferiority into true humility and unselfishness. This is no easy task, but perhaps the highest goal that can be inspired to".
Our new government and leaders do not have an easy task ahead. Let's hope that the positive good will they have already expressed will prevail and guide them through the challenges ahead.

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