14 Aug 2009

Leo time of year

Summer time. . . .

. . . is holiday time. . .

. . . and Leo time of year

In my co-authored book, The Cosmic Egg Timer, I say of Leo, a Fire Sign:

"Leo simply wants to shine and exude warmth to all. As a Fixed Sign, it is happiest when others are drawn to its warmth and dazzling light. Then all it needs to do is stay put and shine. Like the Lion with which it is associated, it enjoys the regal status of being like king or queen of all it surveys. Leo has a certain air of dignity; the words "majestic" and "distinguished" come to mind, together with a love of the limelight."

Leo rules the heart and spine, and Leo makes a good, steadfast and loyal friend, bringing the warmth of the heart and feelings to their relationships.

There are many manifestations of the Leo personality
, and here are just a few of the possible ways in which people with Sun in Leo may express themselves. They could come across as

the star * the playful child * the hero/heroine * the king/queen * the actor * the entertainer
the lover of life * the show- off * "Heart of Gold" * "Miss Bubbly" * the egotist *
"Cowardly Lion" * the romantic* "Queen Bee" * "Centre Stage" * Mr/Ms Confidence

Amongst well-known Leo's are Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Alfred Hitchcock, Mick Jagger, Madonna and Napoleon.

A final thought - with some, not all (!) Leo's in mind - is Joe Cooper's astro-poem

All Hail!

All Hail!

Golden Leo male
Your vast vanity
Is set upon a suspect spine.

Bold is your gaze
The power and the glory
You need as much as praise.

But they
Come from a long way
To warm themselves at your fire.

All hail!
Golden Leo male.

Photo's 2 and 3 are courtesy of Maylis Curie.


Posh said...

My Dad is a Leo and he is most certainly a mix of loyal and playful.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks for that Posh. I have Leo relatives too, and my Mum was one, and I can see the various traits coming through in all their different guises! It's significant, in the Huber Method, where the Sun is placed by degree and by position in the House - I explain this in depth in my book "The Living Birth Chart".