4 Jun 2009

D-Day Landings: 65th anniversary

The 65th anniversary of the 2nd World War allied D-Day landings in Normandy, northern France, is on 6th June 2009. The chart is set up for 06.30, the time the landings began on 6th June 1944, along a stretch of the coast of Normandy near Ouistreham.

The chart image shown in the aspect structure is reminiscent of the landing craft which transported soldiers from the ships standing off shore to the beaches of Normandy. War-like Mars conjunct Pluto is at the blue pointed end of the triangular Ambivalence figure aspect pattern; on the landing craft, this was the fulcrum which opened the ramp which the disembarking soldiers had to move down into the sea and on to the beach, guns raised and ready. Countless numbers were under fire and perished in this brave endeavour. The linear aspects which zigzag across the prow of the landing vessel image look like cross fire.

In 2004, the 60th anniversary of D-Day was celebrated in France amidst much publicity, and with much press coverage. It's interesting to see that the Age Point was conjunct Mercury at the time of this ceremony; everyone seemed to know about it and it was attended by veterans who took part in the landings operation. The veterans were presented with a medal by the Mayor of Caen. Amongst them was Richard Llewellyn, Founder of the UK Astrological Psychology Institute.

The 65th anniversary and its associated ceremonies and celebrations does not seem to be attracting quite as much attention, even though the Age Point is conjunct the 11th House Sun in the chart for this event. 65 years on the 2nd World war might seem a long time ago to many readers, and of little significance. But my colleague and co-author Richard Llewellyn, was involved together with a paratrooper cousin I never knew. Both took part in the landings. My cousin survived the beaches but was later shot by a sniper weeks before the war ended, and before I was born.

I'm taking this opportunity to honour the heroes, survivors and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
We both are with D day today.
Very interesting to see a chart for this day.

I have put in a few pics of Ste Mère, the first village to be liberted in France.

You have 2 persons in your life that participated in the landings.
Fascinating to know that.

Hugs X

My biog said...

Thanks, Barbara.

The impact & enormity of the Normandy landings really hit me when I visited one of the beaches a couple of years ago.

Since then, I've learned that my cousin, who parachuted in a day or two earlier (because of weather) was sheltered & hidden by a local farmer, Gaston Le Baron. Gaston, who sheltered several servicemen, was honoured many years later by the French govt. for his bravery and courage.

Joyce x

Posh said...

My uncle fought in D-Day and I've been there with him several times. It is a very emotional place. Thanks for the post.

My biog said...

Hi Posh,

Thanks for that. I agree, it is an emotional place to visit and there is a strong sense of the events which took place there - a kind of atmosphere in the whole area.