8 Apr 2008

The Dalai Lama, the Olympic Torch, and Tibet

The Olympic Torch - symbol of the 2008 Games to be held in Beijing later this year- has been the target of much protest over the past few days as it’s been carried through London and Paris. Demonstrations are also expected when it arrives in San Francisco. The torch is but a symbol; it’s the Chinese regime which is being protested about, and their long-standing occupation and repression of Tibet, the Tibetan people and their culture.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan head of state and spiritual leader, has offered to speak to the Chinese authorities, and to return to his homeland of Tibet for the first time since he fled in exile in 1959. The Dalai Lama is meeting with UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in May, and he is carrying his own torch of liberation for Tibet high as he seeks the support of world leaders.

Born Tenzin Gyatso on 6.7.1935 in Taktser, NE Tibet at 04.38 am (data and source “from memory” as recorded in his autobiography), is chart is striking. The Kite aspect pattern dominates, and appears like an entangled kite, caught in bushes and grounded, nose down. The shaping/motivation shown in the chart is to be strongly Fixed (perhaps reflecting his lifelong and steadfast determination to work for good and on behalf of his country in a peaceful and non-violent way). However His Holiness (HH) is a shrewd and wise man; he can be flexible and restless too and his chart shows the potential to draw on other driving motivations and forces as and when these are needed.

The colour ratio is 4 red: 2 green: 7 blue. This is almost the “perfect” balance between red “doing” energy, green “thinking” energy and blue “being” energy. The Kite pattern stands out and is focal. At its nose are Moon/Neptune in close conjunction; both planets are “soft” and love-oriented and because they are at the nose of the kite, they lead the way. The Kite itself is a creative figure and Moon/Neptune are focussed into the 3rd house where communication is all-important. HH has written several books, he teaches and speaks around the world, and shares his thoughts on his website.

His Sun/sense of self, part of the Kite figure, is in the 1st house, suggesting his is a strong sense of self, this backed up and supported by Saturn in 9th at the tail of the Kite. However, that sense of self, as we know it, is likely to be far less driven by ego needs. Saturn is the highest planet in the chart, and as the tail planet in the Kite it could hold back or curtail the creativity of this aspect figure. Saturn is opposite Moon/Neptune; energy is held in tension between being head of state (the Saturn end where authority, rules and organisation would come in) and being spiritual leader (more akin perhaps to Moon/Neptune). However, both ends of this opposition which runs right through the centre of the Kite are important, as they are interdependent and to work effectively, they have to integrated.

Another interesting feature of the chart is the Moon’s North Node in 7th house opposite Pluto in 1st. Pluto in this position could indicate someone who is very powerful (he is! I went to hear him speak in London and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when he walked on to the stage. There was no way I could not rise to my feet, along with everyone else, when he entered). Yet HH, aware as he must be of his own personal power, has the task of sharing and empowering - giving away even - his power with others along this 1/7 Encounter axis, particularly in the struggle for Tibetan freedom from oppression.

Currently his Age Point is in the 1st house. He is approaching 73 and the Age Point, which takes 72 years to complete one circuit of the chart, is now just into its second round. Most interesting is that right now it is conjunct his Sun, making this an appropriate time for him to take the opportunity that the Beijing Olympics offer to highlight the need for justice and freedom for Tibet. In his latest posting on his web site, he says:

I want to urge my fellow Tibetans who live in freedom outside Tibet to be extra vigilant as they voice their feelings on the developments in Tibet. We should not engage in any action that could be even remotely interpreted as violent. Even under the most provocative of situations we must not allow our most precious and deeply held values to be compromised. I firmly believe that we will achieve success through our non-violent path. We must be wise to understand where the unprecedented affection and support for our cause stems from.

As Tibet is currently virtually closed and no international media is allowed there, I doubt my message will reach the Tibetans in Tibet. But I hope through media and by word of mouth, it will be passed on to the majority of you.

Finally, I want to reiterate and appeal once again to Tibetans to practice non-violence and not waver from this path, however serious the situation might be.

The Dalai Lama

Both the Free Tibet and Avaaz organisations have secure and reputable on-line petitions which you can sign in support of freeing Tibet from its occupation by China, and to encourage China to become a less repressive regime.


Irim said...

What a wonderful blog! One of your former students, whose workshop I attended on Sunday, pointed me in its direction - and once I started, I didn't stop reading till I caught up. It's an irresistible mix of thoughtful insights, explanation and humour. And it's so clearly written it's a pleasure to read.

My housemates must have thought me mad as I sat in the lounge, muttered to myself and nodded, then laughed out loud. Later, they saw me hunched over my chart, with my eyes flicking between it and the screen, hearing the occasional "Efficiency triangle!" "Detective figure?" "Colour ratio 5R:2G:4B..." and so on. Bless them for realising I was completely absorbed and that there was no need for men in white coats!

I don't know if the offer is still open, but I'd like to put forth Benedict XVI's chart as one I'd love to see you interpret, especially in light of his 3rd anniversary and recent US visit.
Birth data: 16 April 1927, 04.15am MET, Marktl, Germany.

Again, many thanks for a fabulous blog - I look forward to reading many more entries.

Take care,
Irim x

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Irim,

Thank you so much for your very positive comments. It's really great to hear you're getting so much from the blog, using it alongside your own chart, and I hope you will soon be enrolling as a student of API (UK) and finding out lots more now you've taken part in one of our workshops as well!

I've been away and caught your message when I logged on in the middle of the Arizona desert! Great to hear from you, and here's to many more chart explorations.

Thanks for the Pope's data - he was in New York shortly before I got there, and there were posters about his visit hanging from lamp posts. I also caught a bit of his visit on TV news.

Joyce :-)

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