30 Jan 2008

Jason Orange of "Take That"

I have a bit of a special interest in Jason Orange as he attended one of my astrology courses in South Manchester a few years ago. On enrolment night at the College of Further Education where the 12 week course was being held, I was asked by one of the organisers to talk to "the young chap over there" who was interested in joining the course. I chatted to him about what he'd learn on the course and he decided to enrol, although at first he sounded very sceptical and suspicious about it. I had no idea who he was (not being into the UK boy bands who were hugely popular in the early 1990's) but when the class started there was a flutter of something interesting going on as the ladies present visibly preened their feathers and became rather smiley and friendly in his direction. Someone whispered to me "Is that Jason Orange?" I said yes, and asked why she wanted to know. It was then I discovered that he was one of the Take That pop group

After the initial flutter of excitement from the class, things settled down as Jason was a thoroughly nice person who joined in everything and was just like any other member of the class. And the ladies, being regular common-sense Mancunians, didn't stay distracted by his presence for long.

What of Jason's chart? (which he learned to draw up for himself). He was born on 10.7.1970 in Manchester, but didn't know his time of birth so we used noon, as is shown in the chart here. His is a very striking looking chart, and the image it conjures up for me is of high powered activity, fast movement, perhaps of someone whirling with an arm and leg outstretched - use your imagination a little here, half close your eyes and you'll maybe get the picture! It was only later that I learned that Jason got into the acting scene because of his skill as a break dancer; this is graphically reflected in the chart image.

With an inner motivation to be restless, changeable and dynamic, his chart has a high ratio of red and green aspects which will make him react and respond sometimes sensitively and be a bit touchy (well, he does have his Sun in the Sign of Cancer and Cancerians can be moody), but it also makes him very aware to what's going around him, and suggests he has a lot of nervous energy. Cancerians have an innately caring nature and love hearth and home.

His chart doesn't have any fully complete aspect patterns, because none of the aspect lines
join up to form either triangles or 4-sided figures, but Jason does have an almost-complete Small Talent Triangle, made up of 3 blue aspects which don't all quite meet up at the apex where Moon, Uranus and Pluto are. A Small Talent Triangle indicates a still-developing talent, one that the person has to work on and perfect. The planets at the apex, which does not quite meet up, will have to work extra hard to develop the innate talent and get it out into the world. It has to be used and developed over a period of time, polished and made perfect. With Moon involved, it's likely that working at his talent and improving it would be something Jason would enjoy. The presence of Uranus alongside Moon gives his unique talents a quirky touch too.

At the time Jason joined my class "Take That" had disbanded. One member of the group, Robbie Williams, is now world famous, and you can read what I've written about his chart here. "Take That" re-formed in 2005 (without Robbie) and are now well established once again, touring to sell-out audiences. For me, it was especially good to see Jason and the other members of "Take That" on stage at the new Wembley Stadium in London when they performed at the memorial concert for Diana, Princess of Wales. And now they are back on the scene, I've become a firm fan of Take That this second time around! So Jason, if you happen to be reading this - good on you! And all the best for your future, now you're back on stage where you belong.

Photo from Jason Orange appreciation website

For more information on aspect patterns and astrological psychology, see www.astrologicalpsychology.org

If you liked this posting about Jason, read what I said about Robbie's chart and Robbie's wedding to Ayda Field on BBC Radio Stoke, where you can also listen to me talking about astrological psychology and Robbie's chart.


astro skies said...

My God, I can't believe Jason Orange went to your Astrology classes! That was around the time I was a major Take That fan. I'm sure I would've fainted if I had been there haha ;)
Interesting post!

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks for your comments!
Maybe I would have been more impressed if at the time I'd know the names & faces of the individuals in Take That...but as it turned out, Jason was just a regular guy who wanted to learn some astrological psychology.

M said...

(I only found this post today...)
I was a Take That fan in my teens but a fan of astrology even earlier.
It's a shame his birth time is unknown but I always thought there's something very Sagittarian about Jason: the constant travelling, the quest for knowledge, spirituality - his interest in Spain, even.
It may be from his Mars/Jupiter conjuntion, but I bet his rising sign is Sagittarius :)