21 Aug 2007

Speaking out for Astrology

I always speak out in support of astrology in one-to-one situations when it's being discussed, and I've had a lot of experience of live broadcasting on radio phone-ins on the subject.

"The Observer" newspaper ( a Sunday national for overseas readers info) printed an
article which appeared on Sunday 12th August, in advance of Richard Dawkin's TV programme "Enemies of Reason" (see previous post). Their astrologer at the time, Neil Spencer (also a journalist who writes on other subjects), appeared in the programme and wrote the article about his experience of being done over by Dawkins. He came out rather well as he refused to be drawn or rattled.

Feedback was invited from readers so I sent mine in response to the article. The feedback special was published on Sunday 19th August and my comment was included. To be truthful, I'd even forgotten I'd written it once I'd got it off my chest, but
do confess to being rather pleased that, not only was it published, but that the Astrological Psychology Association got a mention in a national newspaper.
Here's what I wrote:
Alongside it appears in the "Your letters special" column published by the newspaper.


Sue said...

Thanks for this. Congratulations on getting your comment published!

Ian said...

I remember the Spencer interview from last week. Well done!

Linda said...

Good for you Joyce!!

Maggie said...

Dear Joyce

Congratulations! I didn't see the programme - my tolerance levels are too
low so I avoided it.
Good for you.

love Maggie

Sue said...

Well done, Joyce. He really is the most appalling man - a "dawk"! I caught part of the programme and was impressed by the way in which Neil Spencer stood his ground.

Richard said...

Good work. I didn’t see the first programme but watched last nights as know nothing about Richard Dawkins and needed to know something about the man who’s been hitting the headlines! In some ways he’s very plausible and I can understand where he’s coming from. However, he’s in a league with people like Patrick Moore and nothing and nobody will move him from his blinkered world.

barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
Good for you !
I don't know Dawkins nor have I seen his program over here.
But, he doesn't sound nice.
Could there be an astrology crusade brewing ??
Keep us posted ...

All my best to you.

Elly said...

You made a very valuable point and I’m glad it was published.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thanks to everyone who has made positive/supportive comments. Dawkins has long been against everything "spiritual" and non-scientific, Barbara, and is anti-astrology as well as being anti-God. Maybe you've done well to escape him - I wonder how he'd be received in France?! I shall endeavour to set my own prejudices aside (like a professional astrological counsellor should!) when I look at his chart....coming soon!

Daughter! said...

Unfortunately, Dawkins will claim that it is impossible for you to observe his chart in an objective, scientific kind of way because you already know things about him. And you've made judgements about him in response to the programme of his that you have commented on!

Therefore, your analysis will only add fuel to the fire of his argument, I fear! Ah well.

But good on you Mum, me proud of ya!