7 Aug 2007

Clint Eastwood

I've been a fan of Clint for a long time, and wanted to take a look at his chart. His time of birth is not available and the chart is set for noon (31.5.1930, San Francisco) so what I'll do is focus on the inner motivation as shown in his chart, and on one of the aspect patterns.

Clint's chart has a colour balance of 3 red: 3 green: 3 blue aspects. This might sound very nicely balanced because all three colours of aspects are the same, but it's not! Red "doing" energy vies with green "thinking" energy for equal place and this suggests a lot of jumpy, sensitive, maybe tetchy reactions. Blue "being" energy hardly gets a look in; Clint would need more blue aspects, which confer the ability to rest, relax and enjoy, to make this a more comfortable balance. Clint has been starring in and directing films for many years. He seems tireless in his work and now I can understand why, taking his colour balance and motivation into consideration.
Bearing in mind the red/green aspect emphasis in his chart and life motivation, it's interesting to see that his chart contains a complete red/green aspect pattern - the Irritation triangle. These are touchy, tetchy figures and are seen in the charts of people who are flexible, hard working, and sensitively aware. These people can often take on more than their fair share of work, but sometimes they take on too much, reach breaking point and explode. Those around them take cover until the storm passes, and then things calm down quickly as the person returns to what they were doing, feeling a whole let better having worked their angst and irritation out of their system with the outburst.

Taken together, Clint's emphasised red/green colour balance, and the red/green Irritation triangle start to offer a theme which could be followed up in a full exploration of his chart and motivation.

Although there's no time of birth, it's still possible to use Age Point and LifeClock to see where a few of the significant events in his life fit in. His first starring film role was in 1958, in what is described on his website as "a very poor movie". His Age Point was on the Low Point of the 5th House. In 1959 he starred in the TV series "Rawhide", as the character Rowdy Yates. This was his big break. He was 29, on the Saturn return with Age Point coming up to the stress zone before the 6th House cusp. In 1986 he became Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea in California, with Age Point appropriately on the 10th House Balance Point and at the top of the chart for all the world to see.

Looking at Clint's films and achievements listed on his web site it's impressive to see just how much he's done over the years. A look again at his chart shows that Saturn, one of the pinning planets in the Irritation triangle is pretty much out on a limb in his chart, on it's own and leading the way. Saturn is in Capricorn, the Sign it rules, so will be at home with grounding and making things manifest. It only has red and green aspects, too, making it active, sensitive and very aware.

Addendum 2014 Since writing this post I've written about Eastwood's chart in depth, using the correct time. The write up appears in my book Using Age Progression available from the APA Book Shop, also see "Books" tab at top of page, and in a published article in the Astrological Association Journal, March/April 2013.

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