14 Jun 2007

Aspect Patterns: The Ear/Eye

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I’ve been tagged again by Barbara, a super-efficient Virgo who writes an interesting and lively blog from her home in France. This tag or meme asks me to write 8 random things about myself. The challenge for me is not only to find 8 things, but to put them into the context of astrological psychology so that this meme is relevant for my blog’s theme.

Stay with me.

For starters here is an extract from my book The Cosmic Egg Timer. Here I write about an aspect pattern called the “Ear” or “Eye”.

“This small triangular pattern both looks and acts like a tiny radar dish. It is highly sensitive to picking up and storing all manner of information from the surrounding environment. It gathers this in, working most of the time on auto-pilot, stashing it away for future use as and when the occasion demands. . . . The Ear/Eye works effectively as an information gatherer. The green semi-sextiles continuously absorb facts, clues, hints, words, visual impressions and anything else of interest from the surroundings. These are then stored in the blue sextile aspect, and can be accessed when the need arises. . . .The Ear/Eye is not particularly discriminating. It gathers in all manner of information which is likely to be random and unrelated. . .”

Aha! There’s that word “random”. And I’m using the random gatherings of the 3 planets in the Ear/Eye pattern in my own chart to help me list my 8 random things about myself. The planets involved are Sun and Saturn with Venus at the apex of the triangle.

1) I decided I wanted to be a teacher at age 13 and became a qualified teacher when I was 22. My Sun in Virgo is a very good tool for the teaching profession. In my chart, the Sun is physically in the 2nd House, but is stressed before the 3rd House cusp. This means it’s far more interested in 3rd House matters (which include teaching and communicating) so psychologically it behaves as a 3rd House planet.

2) I make a pretty good job of proof reading. That includes books on astrological psychology which I’m involved in publishing, publicity material for Astrological Psychology Institute (UK) and our magazine “Conjunction”. Here comes my Virgo Sun again, psychologically attuned to all 3rd House matters and super nit-picky at noticing errors and typo’s!

3) I like classic/vintage things from the past: art nouveau, art deco, 1920’s and 30’s fashions and music, classic cars and classic black and white films. Saturn is the planet I associate with things old, vintage, and from the past. Here, Saturn displays a nodding acknowledgement towards Venus, which is about taste and quality.
4) More Saturn. It’s in the 12th House. I love visiting Cistercian monasteries and learning about the way the monks lived under the strict rule of St. Benedict. Most of all, I love the simplicity of the empty clear light spaces in Cistercian abbeys and their amazing acoustics.

5) Now on to Venus for the final 4 things. Venus represents quality and taste and artistic expression. Music. I love it. All sorts. Classical to rock. Raunchy to refined.

6) Dancing. Venus in Leo was much in evidence in my childhood when I took to the stage at the tender age of 4, tapping, singing and leaping entrechats in a variety of lovely and often sparkly costumes. This went on right through my teens and into my early twenties.

7) Singing. I’ve done it on stage alone and with others. In the privacy of my car. In a choir singing great choral works (a big “oh yes!” to singing Verdi’s Requiem, guaranteed to send shivers up and down my spine).

8) Last one - this time about real physical taste and discrimination. Aspartame. Artificial sweetener. Vile stuff. Quite poisonous to my palate. I won’t touch any food or drink than contains it. That’s my discriminating Venus at work!

Now I have to confess that having been tagged, I should in turn tag 8 others. Trouble is, I don’t know 8 other bloggers well enough pass this tag on to, and would end up repeating the names of some of the people Barbara tagged along with me. SO. . . . my challenge to you, if you’re reading this and you’re into astrology, is to select an aspect pattern with its pinning planets, or a planet or two from your own chart, and see if you can relate these to 8 random real life things about yourself.

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Maylis said...

Great to read you! Now we're waiting for Abs' contribution!

barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
That was just so fascinating! I can't get over that pattern. The pattern is indeed an eye/ear. Amazing how, just as you said, you are an information gather and teacher/ communicator.

It is what you do the best; be proud of that :)
But, it seems with an artist streak ! How lovely to be talented for singing and dance. I have neither talent!
Sorry that the number was 8; that's a lot of people, I realise it. I hope that someone into astrology takes you up on this challenge.

Thank you again, Joyce. I enjoyed reading your meme.

Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you Maylis and Barbara - I enjoyed writing it too!

Dan said...

Very interesting post about the Ear/Eye configuration!

For me it's something new and until now I have never use it.


Joyce Hopewell said...

Thank you Dan.

Try my book and Aspect Pattern Astrology if you want to know more about Aspect Patterns. They add a whole new and meaningful dimension to astrology!

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not too late to post on this blog..I just came upon this today. This ear/eye pattern interests me. I have this in my natal chart, but the planets involved are all transpersonal.

The apex is uranus and it semi-sextiles both pluto and neptune. What's interesting is.. I have a feeling that my uranus is really the culprit behind my tastes in music, visual arts, films, and literature, rather than my venus. My uranus conjuncts my 3rd house. I like random, surreal, otherworldy qualities in all forms of communications mentioned above.
Good thing I saw your site :-)

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hello Anon,

I don't usually post anonymous comments, but yours is positively interesting and it's good to hear you've gained some insights into your own Ear/Eye. To have all 3 transpersonal planets involved is unusual - a configuration shared by many people of the same age at the same period of time. But it's all about HOW you experience them and put them to use in your everyday life. Is Uranus really the "culprit"?! Sounds to me as if it could be the instigator of some really interesting creativity in your life.

Felicity said...

Hi Joyce,

I realize that you posted this article two years ago, however, I had to leave a comment to say that I very much relate to your Ear/Eye theory. I have this configuration with my Sun in Aquarius (10th) sextile Jup in Sagittarius (7th) with a tight Venus/Mars conjunction in Capricorn (9th) as the apex.

By the way, I have a Virgo Moon and notice that you have an Aquarian Moon!

Great blog!