10 May 2007

Prince Harry - will he stay or will he go?

The media have laid off Harry for the past week now because a) there’s no news on whether or not he’ll be going, and b) there's currently more attention being paid to the Irish agreement on unity and Tony Blair’s announcement about his departure from office on 27th June.

The latest on Harry’s possible deployment to Iraq was that he is going….but that the army has the situation under constant review. No news there then. A look at Harry’s chart (15.9.1984, 16.20, Paddington, London - data from official Royal website) offers an image which is rather like a trumpet or megaphone; it’s not difficult to imagine a mouthpiece at the bottom, formed by the conjunction between the Moon and the North Node, with the wide open mouth of the megaphone at the top. Does Harry need to say “Here I am! Notice me!” in a big way? He seemed to be doing this big style late in 2004 when he was in a punch up with the paparazzi, and in February 2005, when he was caught in the headlines wearing a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party. Of late he appears to have had his partying guns spiked somewhat by his army training.

His chart has a strong vertical movement which suggests a need to be noticed, to assert his individuality. This may be really important for him - he’s the spare, not the heir - so he’ll need to gain recognition in his own right.

He has an excess of green aspects indicating considerable sensitivity, maybe touchiness, perhaps making him a little thin-skinned and possibly someone who changes his mind quite often. This is reflected in the overall Dynamic/Mutable shaping of his chart. Saturn close to the MC could endow him with an air of authority and possibly leadership potential; he’s known as Cornet Wales in the army because of his rank in his regiment, the Blues and Royals. If he goes to Iraq, he will be in command of 10 –12 soldiers and it is these men, as well as Harry himself, who are going to be in additional danger as they will be serving alongside a potential prime target.

Harry has stated (but note, only via his friends) that he wants to go to Iraq. His Age Point is currently conjunct the North Node in his chart, which is itself conjunct the Moon in the 4th House, and will shortly change Signs and enter Gemini. Age Point conjunct a planet or the Node and about to change Sign is significant. He will be psychologically moving away from the home/family scene (although how anyone in the Royal family can get away from being in the “family firm” is a mystery…!) and ready to make his own impressions on the world around him. The influences of family will be weaker, but for Harry, with Moon in 4th House, the pull from this direction is always going to be pretty strong.

Age Point on the Node is interesting. The Node is a part of one of the Dominant Learning triangles in his chart, and is at the apex of one of the Projection figures. It is part of the conjunction which pins him to the collective yet it can also act as a point of growth and personal development for the individual. The task of the 4th House Node is associated with becoming more humble, more “ordinary”, and of getting down from any pedestal where the person might feel special or significant, taking their place alongside others without recourse to pulling rank.

If Harry does eventually go to Iraq, this kind of experience could be a very significant for him, and one which he may not understand or appreciate until much later on. As it is, he’s a young man who is probably scared stiff at the thought of going to Iraq but is still prepared to go. For that, all we can do is wish him well.

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