11 Jul 2006

Wayne Rooney

Hearing England manager Svedish Sven speaking about the behaviour of Wayne Rooney at a press conference following England being knocked out of the World Cup, I decided to take a look at his chart (24.10.1985, Liverpool. No time of birth so set for noon).
Sven was saying something along the lines of "He has a temper, but you'll have to learn to live with that if you want him around - you're going to need him, he's the best you've got" ( or words to that effect).
It was the mention of the temper that got me intrigued, following on from seeing him stamp on the groin of the Portuguese player he'd collided with during the match, and getting sent off. That stamp looked pretty nasty, vicious and decisive to me. I reckoned that his chart could contain some indication of where that kind of behaviour comes from.
And I wasn't disappointed. Rooney is a Sun Scorpio - the Sign that is renowned for its sting in the tail and for having the last lash of revenge, which is exactly what that stamp on the groin looked like to me. Not only does he have a Scorpio Sun, he has 3 other planets in this Sign as well, emphasising Scorpionic traits. Most significantly, Pluto is conjunct his Sun, suggesting that he has an urge to control, manipulate, dominate and generally put his power out into the world. This, when channelled through his sporting skills, makes him a star player. However, at 20, he's young and as yet unable to control this energy, so it spills out into on-field behaviour as agressiveness and temper ( it may well do off-field as well, but I don't read the sports pages or the tabloids..! I simply observe).
Sun/Pluto are part of the red Efficiency/Performance Triangle, which contains a lot of working energy, itching to be expressed via the apex planet Jupiter. Interesting to see that the opposition, where the energy is held and stored, is pinned by Sun/Pluto at one end and the Moon's Node at the other. Experience suggests that if the Node is part of an aspect pattern, the pattern does not work as smoothly and as completely as it might if that area of life where the Node is placed is being ignored or is under-developed. As I don't have Rooney's time of birth, I can't speculate more about which area of life this might be, but it's worth remembering that the South Node is opposite the North, so is conjunct his Sun/Pluto. The South Node indicates a place where behaviour and responses are very familiar, well-worn and easy to fall into, suggesting that Rooney will opt for the powerful Scorpionic "sting" as a matter of habit, because it serves him well.
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