Astrology Basics: The Planets

 are focal points of psychological energy, and interact with the environment

SUN  symbolises the sense of self, identity, individuality and  creativity. 
It represents the mind and the decision-making process of the individual human being, 
and the quality and condition of self-awareness. 
Its most important function is the direction of energy, through the use of the will.

MOON symbolises the emotional nature, feelings, responsiveness to others, the need for contact and love. It is concerned with sensitivity and empathy, and the ‘child’ response within us.
SATURN corresponds to the body and to physical form and structures. It is the
 need for order,  protection, security, organisation and the demarcation of boundaries.

Sun, Moon and Saturn are known as the Ego planets. They are shown in red in natal charts drawn up on the Huber style.

MERCURY is associated with intellect, but not reasoning. It denotes the ability to learn and
communicate, to be informed and to quest after information. It gathers knowledge, which it processes on a mental level.

VENUS is concerned with bringing harmony and balance into life, 
and is the aesthetic principle seeking perfection and beauty.
 It is selective and discriminating, and is associated with the female libido.

MARS signifies driving force, the capacity for transforming energy into power and activity. It is
masculine drive, self-assertion.

JUPITER symbolises the senses with which we perceive the world. 
It represents sensuous joy, an awareness of values and the capacity
to make fair judgements. 
It is an expansive principle, leading us to broaden horizons of perception, 
understanding and wisdom.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are known as the Tool Planets

URANUS is creative intelligence, seeking the new and wanting to break through old, outworn
boundaries. It is the spirit of research, creative intelligence, originality, invention, and can be associated with restlessness and sudden change.

NEPTUNE symbolises universal love, the ability to identify with all creation,
compassion, idealism and the desire to be of help. 
It can also be deceptive illusions, when a loss of contact with with reality occurs.

PLUTO symbolises the higher mental self, spiritual will and strong transformational energies.
 Its power can bring about destruction followed by a rebuilding or reconstruction using the spiritual will. 

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are known as the Transpersonal Planets

 Chart showing all planets. Note the glyph for Pluto can be drawn in two ways, as displayed above, or as in this chart. You'll find it next to the Sun (shown in red), Mercury and Venus.

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