4 Dec 2016

Astrology Tips: The Low Point and the Mid-life Crisis

If you've not read my previous post about Understanding Life's Journey, you might find it helpful in order for you to get to grips with what this post is about. The Low Point of the whole chart/life of the individual occurs at around age 44. This neatly dovetails with the timing of the so-called "mid life crisis", usually reckoned to be at round 44/45 years of age.

At this Low Point, which occurs in the 8th House of the chart, the person is likely to be re-evaulating their life, looking at what they've done so far, reviewing what they've achieved and pondering on whether they continue in the same way.....or follow urges and prompts which they might be sensing from within to pursue a new path which has greater meaning.

It is at this 8th House Low point, in the mid-forties, that people have the opportunity to connect with their innermost being and urges, sometimes towards a complete change of employment, or structure of life. Goals shift, horizons that were once appealing pall into lukewarm attractiveness at this stage of life and some people do experience it as a crisis.

Here I'd remind anyone feeling this way of the Chinese proverb: 
Crisis is danger and opportunity. 

At the Low Point we are closest to the soul's purpose, which calls and is represented by the always clear circle at the centre of the chart. 

At the Low Point of the whole chart - age 44 - the call is probably at its loudest. It may be that a large change is going to be needed to fulfil these urges that arise; it may be that only small adjustments are required and that these can more easily be incorporated into everyday life. But if we ignore this urge to change, this call from within, it won't go away. It will simply resurface at every successive Low Point, so there it will be again at age 52, the next Low Point along the line.

Back in 2008 I wrote a post about scientists catching up with the experience of the Low Point of the whole chart as taught by the Huber Method, and you can read it here.

If you're on the Low Point of the chart and of life, cut yourself some slack. Listen to what is coming from within as this will help guide you through what feel like a labyrinth of choices towards what is really and truly right for you. Then you will find the way ahead starts to get a bit clearer - but you'll probably need to draw on your inner strength and courage too, to help you along the way. And how rewarding might that be to make some changes? Only you will know if you try it.

Travel safely and wisely.  

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