4 Dec 2016

12 Top Tips for Budding Astrologers

My new Ebook
12 Top Tips for Budding Astrologers 
 is published

It offers
  Ideas and suggestions to get you started on chart interpretation - and keep you going!

   It is available here, at the APA Ebook store, for a modest fee.

 It includes some of the Astrology Tips I've written about on this blog, plus extra material I've added to enlarge on the 12 Tips. There are some practical exercises to do too, to help you focus, and there are illustrations and charts.

 Here is a list of the Contents:

Tip #1 Essential Information

Tip #2  Starting Out

Tip #3 Colour and Motivation

Tip #4 Doorstep Planets

Tip #5 The Quadrants

Tip #6 Unaspected Planets

Tip #7 Conflict and Tension

Tip #8 Low Point Planets

Tip #9 Levels of the Planets

Tip #10 Understanding Life’s Journey

Tip #11 The House Chart

Tip #12 The Low Point and the Mid-Life Crisis

If you buy it and like it, let me know. I hope it helps, hits the spot and offers you some guidance and clarity in your studies. 

From Mark Douglas, Student:
Thanks for your thoughts on the four quadrants, Joyce. I'm just entering Module 4. I have The Astrological Houses book and I was still looking for a bit more practical understandings. Bingo! this does the trick. 

My reply:
Very good to hear my take on the Quadrants was helpful for you. When we used to have workshops as part of the Diploma course, the practical work on the Quadrants we did would always throw up more clarity for those who were struggling with them. I find the Quadrants very useful/revealing in that they offer an instant insight into where someone might be coming from, and also, with empty Quadrant(s) what they might lack in, or seek to avoid (nothing there to encourage them into this area of life, therefore potentially scary/stressful/of little interest).

Good luck with Module 4 - more to the point, enjoy it!



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