4 Nov 2016

Astrology Tips - The House Chart

The House chart provides us with an objective view of the individual, and it's a technique and chart - as far as I'm aware - that is unique to the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology.  

House chart of birth 8.6.1983, 12.30, London
The House chart, when used alongside the natal chart, shows what the world tried to make us in our formative years backed up by influences from family, friends, teachers, schools, surroundings, neighbourhood, community, relatives, and so on. You could think of the House chart as our starting equipment - a starter pack for life - because it gives us ingredients for moving forwards from birth, incorporating our inherited traits and potential with our taught traits. 
Natal chart of birth 8.6.1983, 12.30, London
 Always use your Natal and House charts together, but approach the interpretation of the House chart using the same guidelines as you would for the Natal chart. The value of using both charts is that a comparison can be made between nature (the Natal chart) and nurture (the House chart). You are a product of heredity and environment, and a simple formula to remember here is:

H x E = I.......Heredity x Environment = Individual.

Main points to consider when comparing your Natal and House chart include, first and foremost, a look at the overall picture your chart presents. Is it similar or different? Did the environment expect to "see" you in a very different way from what is indicated in the Natal chart? Look for changes or discrepancies in colour balance, chart shaping and direction and changes in the aspect structure, particularly those involving the Family Model. Most of all, consider if your House chart presents as either enriching or diminishing alongside your Natal chart - has the Natal chart (and you) been enhanced or reduced by the environment?

Working with our own House charts can give us many insights into how our environment shaped us, what it expected from us, and how we felt (and perhaps still feel) about that. This work may not always be easy, and we may connect with both and pain and joy as we explore the messages and expectations we received during childhood. What we need to do is remember that the contents of the House chart are a "movable feast" and that we can "eat" and choose from the "menu" those elements which are the most positive and useful to us. If we can choose consciously, we will gain the most benefit, and the amount of freedom we have to move from the House to the Natal chart depends on how awake and aware we are, and on our ability to choose.


Outlined below are some practical ways of working with the House chart, and after reading this through you might like to try some of these out for yourself:

· Make a list of “messages” from your childhood - what were the expectations of your environment for you? Which messages do you still hear or carry? Include what you consider to be both good and bad. Do you want to hear them? Which do you want to keep/discard?

· Jot down some notes to describe your environment as a child at different ages (you could choose three different ages - e.g. young/small - middle sized - teens/growing up). Dig into your memories. What was expected of you? What was it like to be in your environment? Use your sensual memories to connect with:

· sights; visual memories; call to mind old photographs to help here, remember any significant experiences;

· sounds/phrases/words and sayings used; music heard; instruments played; books, newspapers, TV or radio programmes read, watched or listened to;

 · smells, tastes of your environment, e.g. food, comforts, luxuries, things you hated 

  · activities, excursions, games and sports played, temper tantrums
  · feelings you may have had of safety, security, being OK for who and what you were, feeling good or not, feeling loved and approved of or not.
 · Make notes on what was important in your environment and what was not. How was this conveyed to you and did it or does it still affect your value system? Are the expectations of your parents, other family members, siblings (if any), neighbours, other authority figures still with you?

As you do this exercise, remember that the House chart contains TAUGHT and not INHERITED traits. It does not have to be "fixed" - the die is not cast once and for ever - we have a choice, and we can choose to extract the positive elements of our own House charts and put them to use for ourselves in ways which are supportive and beneficial.

There is more on the House chart, what it is, how to set it up and how to use it, along with worked examples of natal and house charts, in these two books: 

Transformation: Astrology as a spiritual path 

by Bruno and Louise Huber 



         and in my book The Living Birth Chart

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