4 Sep 2016

Asleep, Waking or Awake - levels of the planets

The Huber Method is unique in several ways - one of them is that it acknowledges that the planets in the natal chart operate at different levels. 
Asleep, Waking and Awake - we can be all three at the same time!
They may be Asleep - functioning in largely unconscious and reactive ways, where survival is the name of the game and life is lived instinctively and impulsively. The psychological drive associated with any given planet will be expressed in raw, unaware behaviour.

They may be Waking - functioning in a manner where developing awareness and self-understanding is expressed. Energies and drives associated with any given planet will be more directed and controlled.

They may be Awake - functioning in a fully aware and conscious way, drawing on the use of the will with any given planet so there is more conscious choice involved and less need for the demands of the ego to be met, or even to get in the way.

For example, Mercury at the Asleep level can be observed in the babblings and mimicry of a baby or toddler as they play with sounds. Later, as a child at school, they might learn some things by rote, and an asleep Mercury can be observed in someone who talks incessantly at someone but doesn't listen to them.

Mars at the Waking level can be seen in competitiveness, assertiveness and the drive to achieve - the recent performances of athletes at the Rio Olympic Games is a good example of this planet in Waking mode.

Awake, the Sun manifests in behaviour that is selfless and honourable, as the the individual acts as a willing agent for the greater good.

No-one is perfect and getting to grips with these levels and noting them at work in ourselves is a first step. Our planets are unlikely to function all the time at one of these levels; they rise or fall from asleep to awake as if in a lift going up and down - there's nothing consistent! The trick is to be self-aware and observant of how we're responding and interacting.

And that could be a lifetime's (worthwhile) work!

There is more information about the levels of the planets in my book 
The Living Birth Chart 
and in the Huber's book on 
The Planets.

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