4 Aug 2016

Low Point Planets

The path to the Low Point winds downward, towards the centre of the chart
The Huber Method of astrological psychology is unique in that it recognises two significant house positions for planets. These are the Balance Point (indicated by a small blue triangle on the outer rim of the chart), a place of optimum expression in the outside environment, and the Low Point (indicated by a small green triangle, also in the outer rim).

Take a look at the chart shown here. The Moon in Leo is placed exactly on the Low Point of the 11th house. On a personal level, it may sometimes be  challenging for this person to express their emotions, wants and needs easily or comfortably. This person may feel they are not heard, or are ignored, when their inner needs are expressed. This is how Low Planets function until we take a hand in things by being consciously aware of them.

A Low Point Mercury can lead to difficulties in literally being heard, because the person has a quiet voice. They may have lots of useful input to share in conversations, but are overlooked because they don't come across very audibly. A Low Point Sun may mean that the individual has to develop a stronger sense of themselves and learn how to assert themselves, as they can be easily ignored. A Low Point Mars can come out as a load of hot air, bluff and bluster, but no-one takes much notice when a Low Point Mars shouts and makes a fuss.

Many charts have Low Point planets, and rather than sigh and wonder what can be done about them if you feel you're stuck with one (you'll be able to ascertain this if you have your chart set up using the Huber Method; no other method uses this technique) you can work to develop your Low Point planet(s).

The uniqueness of such planets is that they offer a direct channel to the clear circle left in the centre of the chart, which symbolises the connection we all have with a higher, spiritual plane. Connecting with this, maybe through meditation or mindfulness, we can enrich our lives and create a clear space to move towards when the going gets tough. 

We can also train ourselves to connect with this inner source by using any Low Point planets we may have in our chart. Louise Huber often said that the Low Points are connected to the soul's purpose, so rather than Low Point planets being a bind, they can be a blessing. But they need a bit of help, encouragement and a willingness to work and develop them as we develop our own conscious awareness and acceptance of what they mean for us in everyday life.

You can find our more about the Low Point and Low Point planets in the Huber's book, The Astrological Houses.


Amable said...

Low Points also have a special connection with the cusp of the next house. Like the Balance Point, in the Low Point there is a balanced source to reach, on the long term, aims related with the theme of the cusp of the next house.

In you example, the Moon is connected to the 12th house in the same way Uranus is connected to the 11th house.

Joyce Hopewell said...

You have clearly studied the Huber Method so thank you for your comment. The psychological start of the next house is at the Low Point. My posts are aimed at getting people more interested in astrological psychology so I don't spell everything out - I hope some people will be interested enough to follow things up for themselves via other resources available on the web. So thanks for adding your own insights and understandings - good to hear from you.