4 Jul 2016

Conflict and Tension

Conflict? I spotted this man telling these boys off for messing around on his beach picture!
I'm continuing this series of Astrology Tips with a look at how to identify potential inner conflict and tension in the natal chart. Given that I use astrological psychology, and that you are probably reading this because you're interested in astrological psychology, I'm assuming that

  •  You'd like to know more about inner conflict and tension in your own chart, and
  • You might want to apply this to other people/charts you are working with 
Conflict and tension can be identified by opposition aspects, the planets which pin them and the house axis which they are lie across. They can also be identified when there is a stellium or a strong conjunction of planets in one house or area of the chart. There doesn't have to be an opposition for conflict and tension to exist.

This chart shows potential conflict and tension with oppositions across the 3rd/9th house axis, associated with thinking, ideas and learning. The individual concerned may get caught up in a mental bind in this area of life. If this is so (don't automatically assume that if there are oppositions, there will be trouble! You have to relate what is seen to the WHOLE life experience and situation of the person) the solution would lie in focussing more on the 6th/12th axis of existence. The way out of the conflict would be to bring the results of the thinking/learning into reality and do something with them, possibly via the 6th house of work and service to others.

There are no oppositions in this chart but the stellium and group of planets focussed on the 4th and 5th houses will set up potential tension on both 4th/10th (Individuality) and 5th/11th (Relationship) house axes.

This can be overcome, eased or balanced if the person concerned consciously activates both the 1st/7th Encounter axis and the 2nd/8th Possessions axis. Some help is on hand in this chart to help in connecting with the Possessions axis, as Mars in 2nd house can be brought into play.

There's no easy fix in working with conflict and tension. What I've offered here is very much the bare bones and you'll need to read up on it, study it, apply it to your own chart to see if it has meaning and validity for you in the context of your life experience. 

Using the house axes is undeniably useful in astrological psychololgy, since we live our lives out in the environment around us - and that's what the houses represent.
 Take a look at these recommended books for more info:
The Astrological Houses by Bruno and Louise Huber 

and my co-authored book The Cosmic Egg Timer 
by Joyce Hopewell & Richard Llewellyn

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