4 Jun 2016

Astrology Tips - unaspected planets

An unaspected planet is like a dog off a lead....

How do you interpret unaspected planets? Are they easy to get a handle on, or do you find them confusing and challenging? Using astrological psychology it's clear to see that an unaspected planet is one which is not connected at all to any of the aspects in the chart. It appears to stand outside, like a loner, not joining in and is maybe not even invited into the scene of the main action. 
The chart shown below has an unaspected Jupiter, which stands very much alone and islolated in the 2nd house. You may speculate on how this Jupiter might suggest good luck, boundless opportunities, the urge to travel or to live the good life (it is in Taurus). But none of these would be correct for the person concerned. This unaspected Jupiter for them was about gaining wisdom and learning from experience - real life experience - and understanding that unless certain safeguarding procedures were undertaken, they would fall ill. 

An unaspected planet acts rather like a dog off a lead, which has the full range and scope of the environment to explore, sniff out, and gather information from, and this can be a huge asset. But unless the individual is consciously aware of this tendency, and forgets to call the dog back (for dog read planet here!) to check out what it has discovered out there in the wide world, then the unaspected planet will behave rather like that untrained, unruly dog!

Unaspected planets tend to be stimulated by the environment and are far more under its influence than planets which are connected to the overall aspect pattern in a chart. An unaspected Venus for example might take its prompts and stimulation from the environment. In the chart of a woman it could lead to being influenced by fashion trends and commonly held perceptions of what a woman "should" be like, so the individual may try hard to please what they perceive as the expectations of others in this aspect of their life.

An unaspected Mercury is likely to have a field day responding to all the verbal and communicative stimuli in the environment. But for the person who has this planet unaspected in their chart they may struggle to ground and put to use the information they have coming in via these Mercurial interactions. They may also talk rather a lot!

For more on the energies and expression of planets, see the definitive discussion of each of them in the book written by Bruno and Louise Huber.

And if you have an unaspected planet in your chart, don't forget the dog lead/leash! 

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