4 Mar 2016

Astrology Tips - colour and motivation

If you're an astrologer, budding or otherwise, working with a Huber style chart and using the Huber method of astrological psychology, one important tip is to take some time using your Jupiter (which is associated with perception, the eyes and the senses) and absorb the balance of colour in the aspect structure present in the chart.

The three main aspect colours used are RED GREEN and BLUE. Conjunctions of planets are shown in ORANGE. You might like to note this, but initially it's the red/green/blue - ness ratio of colour in the chart which should be focussed on. This is because it's a useful indicator of what motivates and drives the person from within.

Red aspects = doing energy/mode of behaviour
Green aspects = thinking & awareness energy/mode of behaviour
Blue aspects = "being" energy/mode of behaviour

So a chart with a large number of red aspects suggests an inner motivation of activity; a large number of green aspects indicates a prime motivation of thinking, sensitivity and awareness; a large number of blue aspects can point to a certain laid backness, possibly to the point of inactivity!  

Some astrologers pooh-pooh the idea of even using aspects; some have jumped on the colour bandwagon and now use colours for the aspects (as far as I'm aware, the Hubers led the way in this - I was introduced to the Huber Method of using colour for aspects in this way in 1986, and found it extremely meaningful and useful).

There are more details about colour and motivation, how to work out the ratio of colour and how to use it with charts, in my co-authored book The Cosmic Egg Timer, available in colour both in paperback and on Kindle.

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