4 Feb 2016

Astrology Tips - essential information

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This month's astrology tip is about the steps you, as a budding astrologer, could take before starting to set up or interpret a chart.

My tip is that you should have some essential information in place before you begin. 
  • Make sure you have an accurate birth time. if you're using the Huber Method, and you want to stray into using Age Progression, this can only work reliably with an accurate time of birth.
  • Make sure the time of birth you are using has been adjusted if needed - this will be especially important if the birth was in a place which has a different time zone. I wrote a post about time zones in 2008, so take a look at it by clicking here.
  • If you don't have a time of birth, then use noon, but be aware that your interpretation will be more limited. You'll still be able to get a good general feel for the person, but the hint is in the word "general". 
  • There's one very important thing to bear in mind when you're honing your skills. When you're being offered some data along with a request to look at the chart involved, remember to ascertain if it's the chart of a real person! That may sound a bit strange, but rather than pounce on the data and set up the chart, first find out who the data belongs to. It has been known for some eager astrologers to start dissecting the chart of a pet dog before finding out whose chart they were actually being asked to look at!
So, engage with Mercury before you start and get the facts in place, then go on to taking a more Jupiterian approach when you're clear about the data you have!

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