21 Oct 2014

Aspect Patterns in Astrological Psychology

Chart with Small Talent triangle, Streamer figure, Large Learning triangle

Aspect Patterns, as used in Astrological Psychology and the Huber Method, are pretty much the most revealing thing to consider in a chart when it comes to wanting to understand how people tick. There are 40+ recognisable aspect patterns, all of which relate to observable behaviour in others, and behaviour traits we can recognise in ourselves.

I've written about all of them in my book, Aspect Patterns in Colour, and each aspect pattern is discussed in the context of an example chart, mostly of a well-known person. You will find the charts of Bill Gates, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Charles Darwin, Elton John and Nelson Mandela all featured, to mention just a few.

Here's a small selection of aspect patterns, all of which I've written about in this resource website, once again using the charts of well-known people to illustrate them and the various motivations they suggest.

The shaping - triangular or quadrilateral - of the aspect pattern is significant as well as the colours of the aspects: red/blue/green.

Click on Aspect Patterns in the labels cloud on the sidebar on the left, and that will take you to a choice of no less 80 different items where aspect patterns are featured in the charts or events I've written about.
For a detailed analysis of aspect patterns, the classic reference book is the one by Bruno and Louise Huber, to whom I dedicate my own book on this subject. Aspect Pattern Astrology was researched and developed by them at the Astrological Psychology Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, and it was here that I learned, first hand from them, so much about aspect patterns and the motivations they represent in the charts of individuals. Both books are available from Amazon, reputable book sellers and from the APA on line book shop.

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