20 Mar 2014

Venus - a matter of taste, beauty and balance

Venus glyph
If you've ever gazed up at the night sky and seen Venus shining bright and beautiful, you will already have absorbed some of the qualities that this planet represents. Cool, silvery and also mysterious, Venus appears sometimes as the evening star, and sometimes as the morning star. The beauty of this planet is elusive and intriguing as it seems to move about in the sky. 

Aesthetics of food
 In astrological psychology, Venus represents the drive to be selective and choose, using discrimination. Venus is associated with our ability to form relationships, to develop and express our aestheic tastes and preferences, to pursue what is harmonious and beautiful and, as a sensory organ, to use our physical sense of taste. The energies of Venus will be as fully engaged when you're eating a meal, as when you're visiting an art gallery, deciding on a colour scheme or forming a new friendship.

17.6.1980 at 14.12 in Lynwood, CA, USA
This is the chart of tennis player Venus Williams. Appropriately her full name is Venus Ebony Starr Williams. Her chart vibrates with energy and the aspects form an image of what could be viewed as the trajectory of her movements and the tennis ball as she runs about the court. What is interesting is that her Gemini Sun is conjunct Venus on the Balance Point of the 9th house. Any planet conjunct the Sun is likely to confer a close identification with the energies and qualities of that planet, so it's not altogether surprising that Williams is glamorous and tastefully attired both on and off the court. Planets on a Balance Point will have an ease of expression.

In the current Book of the Month, The Planets and their Psychological Meaning Bruno and Louise Huber describe the qualities  of Venus, along with all the other planets, in depth and detail. The book is available from the APA Bookshop.
 And I here talk about Venus on my YouTube channel.

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