21 Jan 2014

Sun, Moon, Saturn - the Ego Planets

Ego planets shown in red
How is 2014 going for you so far? Have you set goals, made resolutions, yearn for things to get better for you in the year ahead? Are you leaving it to chance, fate and good luck for the year ahead, or are you willing to engage in making things improve and go your way, on your terms? Here's how you might go about this, using your ego planets.

We identify with our own sense of self through the ego, and in astrological psychology the planets which represent the ego in a natal chart are Sun, Moon and Saturn.  They are always shown in red in the chart because of their significance and importance. Ego planets operate at a more conscious level and large portions of life are lived through them. The qualities, drives and energies that these three planets represent are closely linked with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of what it is to be human.
Saturn provides structure and gives a sense of the physical self.

Moon conveys our emotional responses and gives a sense of self via feelings.

Sun allows us to connect with the will, the ability to make choices and gain self awareness through the use of the mind.

All three planets can be functioning a various stages of consciousness - are they asleep, waking or awake? Are you using them to the best of your ability to gain the most you can from your daily interactions and relationships? If you're interested in your own personal growth, and want to get the best you can out of life, you can learn to wake these planets up so they are working more effectively for you.

Engaging with the Cardinal energy of the Sun you can begin to tap into your ability to be creative; connecting with the Mutable energy of the Moon you can become more comfortable and proficient at expressing your feelings and learning to ask for your emotional needs to be recognised and met in relationships; and with Saturn's Fixed energy you can pursue your security needs alongside becoming more structured and organised in your life.

Book of the Month
What I've written here is a short extract from my co-authored book, The Cosmic Egg Timer, where you can read about the psychological drives associated with the ego planets, and can get some ideas about how to move through 2014 in a more awake way, making the things that you want to happen for yourself actually happen, rather than leaving it all to chance - or to what sun sign astrologers tell you!

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