29 Dec 2013

What might 2014 have in store for you?

Chart set for 1 minute past midnight on January 1st 2014
The chart for the start of the new year offers an image resembling an arrow head pointing down into the collective area, with a stellium in Capricorn of four planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto - plus unaspected Venus sitting to one side. The on-going Uranus/Pluto square is in evidence, and forms one side of the Efficiency/Performance triangle, which includes Mars, with some of the stellium planets at the pointy, business end of this figure. Immediate, gut response to this  line up is "not much chance of a rest there then..."

Aspect Patterns are covered in depth in two books: Aspect Pattern Astrology by Bruno and Louise Huber, and in my book Aspect Patterns in Colour. 

The aspect structure is composed of only red and blue aspects, suggesting a black/white, either/or modus operandi, with little opportunity of viewing things other than in dualistic, good/bad ways. Unless of course, you choose to take on board for yourself your ability to choose and see things differently. If you're reading this, it's more than likely that you'll be able to see beyond the obvious and search for solutions. Astrological Psychology isn't about predicting the future and telling people what's going to happen to them - it's aim is to encourage people to take responsibilty for themselves and their lives, shaping and creating them from the driving seat, rather than sitting helpessly in the passenger seat.

How might you do this in 2014? Looking at the year ahead from the perspective of where you are in your own life journey, and from the perspective of using Age Progression in your chart and you life, how you face up to whatever comes your way in the year ahead will be determined by where your Age Point is in your chart.

For example, if you're in your 30's, between 30 and 36, you're probably working hard at establishing yourself in your career and in the workplace, so you'll be focussed on that. Whatever comes your way in 2014 will be viewed through this lens of where you are psychologically on your life path.

Between the ages of 36 and 42, you may be more focussed on your primary relationships in life, and will possibly be evaluating them. You will be more likely to gain feedback on yourself, at this stage of life, from your one to one interactions with others, so it could also be a time of increased contact with people in all areas of your life. Beyond that, you're likely to be taking stock in a big way when you reach 45/46, and deciding which direction you want to next move towards. This again will colour and flavour your life in the year ahead. In your 50's, you'll be sensing a peaking of attainment and achievement in your work in the outside world, but there may also be a personal sense of satisfaction when you look back on your life to date and see how far you've travelled. If you don't experience this, you may also be looking back with a sense of not having done enough with your life. If that's the case, what's stopping you? Opportunities are there to be seized, and 2014 begins with Jupiter, the planet associated with risk, expansion and adventure at the top of the chart. Use some of this energy to move you forward if that's what you want - but do it yourself, for yourself.

Age Progression covers each psychological phase of life from birth, as the Age Point moves through each house of the chart. It's described in depth in Life Clock by Bruno and Louise Huber and in my most recent book, Using Age Progression - Understanding Life's Journey. Both books are available from the APA Book Shop, Amazon and other retailers.

May your year ahead be one where you guide and create your life in directions of your own choosing, whatever your Zodiac sign. Forget the predictions - create your own!


Subhash Thapar said...

Thanks for shearing information about Astrology Birth Chart Interpretation in NY.

horoscope said...

Can you possibly answer a question I have mulled over.
Are we in control of our destinies or is our fate pre ordained?
What I mean is, can we make anything happen in our lives or is our fate in life already written in stone.
I keep wondering this. What is the best way to think of these theories
Thanks for any help

Joyce Hopewell said...

This is quite a deep, philosphical question which I can only answer to the best of my ability based on my understanding of life experience and astrological psychology to date. I think we are all responsible for our lives as we have choices at every turn of life's journey, and it's up to us to have the courage to make the right choices for ourselves at the time. It's a matter of putting ourselves in the driving seat of life, rather than remaining in the passenger seat.

The natal chart offers a map and a guide to how we can best go about this, and using astrological psychology we can become far more aware of ourselves and our behaviour patterns, which show up in the chart in our inner motivations. These could be regarded as "destiny" or more realistically as the way we are/the type of person we are. If we can understand ourselves we can learn to work with our strengths and weaknesses and ultimately gain more from life as well as offer more of our skills and talents, once we have a clearer picture of what they are.