8 Jun 2013

Celebrating 30 years of Astrological Psychology in the UK

APA, founded 8th June 1983, 12.30pm, London
The UK based Astrological Psychology Association (APA) is 30 years old today. Founded on 8th June 1983, in London, it is an established part of the global astrological scene, with students and graduates in many countries of the world.

Richard Llewellyn
Joyce with Pam Tyler, early 1990's
APA was founded by British astrologer Richard Llewellyn and American astrologer Pam Tyler. Pam had been to a seminar given by Bruno and Louise Huber in their native Switzerland, and persuaded Richard to attend a later seminar. Both were so impressed with the Huber's astrological psychology and its connection with the psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli, with whom the Hubers trained, they decided to found an astrology school in the UK which would teach in English and be open to a worldwide audience. Richard wrote the teaching manuals and was Principal for many years, later retiring, which was when I became Principal and am now Principal Emeritus. APA has evolved through the years, and at age 30, it's Age Point is entering the 6th house. Let's take a look at the chart.

The 6th house cusp is in the sign of Aquarius. Combine these two facts and already it's clear that 6th house matters, such as work, service, status and standing will be a focus for APA for the forthcoming 6 years, as the Age Point travels through this house. Psychologically, the 6th house in the chart is about making your mark in the workplace, and standing up for what you have established. Career-wise in an individual's chart, it's a time when the person will want to assert themselves in the workplace and secure their niche. For APA, this has already happened; what it will be interesting to see is how this established place in the world of astrology develops over the next few years.

The Age Point is the sign of Aquarius, echoing the nature of the foundation of APA - an organisation which teaches astrology worldwide. Combine the 6th house attitude to work and service with astrological Aquarian energy and you  have almost the perfect match. The Age Point is making a trine aspect to the chart's Sun/Mars in Gemini in the 10th house at the top if the chart. This suggests a beneficial and buoyant period. The Hubers, in their book LifeClock describe the trine aspect as one where "we can sit down and rest for a while, in the knowledge of having provided reserves for future needs. A new confidence emerges..." But they warn against becoming too complacent - trines can be very lazy - but they can also lead to continually hunting for perfection.

Now that could be something worth working towards for APA, as the Age Point transits the 6th house and this trine aspect lights up both Sun and Mars at the top of the chart.

Many Happy Returns 
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