17 Apr 2013

Jupiter and the Art of Risk Taking

Mr. Peacock by Maylis Curie.
Jupiter, that larger-than-life planet, is in 2016 currently moving through the sign of Virgo. It's the planet which represents our drive to open up, experience, know, perceive, and learn from experience. Often associated with luck, it won't actually bring you good luck, but if you can tune into the opportunities around and are prepared to take a risk and move beyond your usual boundaries, then luck and good fortune may well come your way. But don't bank on it - what we want in life usually requires work and effort as well! 

This is the planet that is associated with sight - how we see and perceive things. Perception can alter depending on where we're looking at things from. They may look rosy and positive, or dark and forbidding. Jupiter, with its innate optimism and large take on life, can encourage us to see things more as wholes, rather than fragmented parts. The way I look at charts, using Astrological Psychology, is Jupiterian because the whole chart is looked at first and foremost, and this offers a rounded and inclusive picture of the potential of the person it belongs to.

Jupiter encourages us to think outside the box, to take some risks and step outside of our normal comfort zones. In most instances, this is the only surefire way to grow and make changes in our lives, and challening though it may be, it's also rewarding as whole new vistas open up and life can become a lot more interesting and rewarding.

Here's what I have to say about Jupiter and risk taking on my YouTube channel:


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