29 Apr 2013

Another Happy 100th Birthday

This must be a record. Two one hundredth birthdays in two months to celebrate, and the charts of two centenarians to talk about on this blog, both of them for people I know. The first was of Sylvia, who reached 100 on 6th March. Today's 100th birthday is of Nellie, a family member and a bright and happy person who it's always a pleasure to see.

Nellie (her full name is Ellena) was born in 29th April 1913, in Lincoln. She doesn't know what time she was born, but says it was during the night. On the strength of that, I've set her chart for midnight, as the Sun would have been below the horizon.

Nellie's Taurean Sun is conjunct Venus at the apex of the triangular Ear/Eye figure in her chart. This aspect pattern sits like a small but perceptive radar dish, picking up information from the environment in a fairly random way, and storing it for future use. Nellie is communicative and has a good memory. She's sharp, and misses nothing. She likes to read a lot, and to do crosswords and other puzzles, so her Ear/Eye will provide her with a lot of information which she can draw upon in these leisure pursuits. 

Like Sylvia, who was 100 in March, Nellie's chart also has all three transpersonal planets in the same signs, but a quick comparison of their charts shows that the aspect configurations are different, as the planets have moved and new aspect patterns have formed.
Sylvia's chart 6.3.1913 set for noon

Nellie's chart  29.4.1913 set for midnight

Sylvia's chart shows an overall fixed motivation with a dominant 4-sided aspect figure - a complete Detective aspect pattern. In Nellie's chart this aspect pattern is there, but is incomplete as the planets have moved on slightly, leaving the Ear/Eye as the only complete component part. Neptune, in Sylvia's chart, is unaspected; in Nellie's chart it's opposite Jupiter and trine Mars. Nellie's chart is more loosely held together by aspects, but all are included in the overall pattern. Sylvia has just one sister; Nellie comes from a large family of 10 children. How might this have impacted on Nellie's early life as a young child and teenager?

The overall shaping in her chart is mutable and flexible, showing an inner motivation which would have helped her adapt to changes as she grew up, such as taking on helping roles when she was old enough, and was no longer the baby of the family. In a family of boys and girls, she says she needed to survive and be as good as the boys, although she does admit to being a bit timid sometimes.

As an adult, Nellie moved house numerous times and with her Moon conjunct Uranus in Aquarius this isn't entirely surprising. Change was almost a constant thing, making the overall mutable, adaptable shaping of her chart very useful to have.

Nellie revelled in the variety of jobs she's done. In the 1930's she went off to London to work in service with various families, which she enjoyed a lot and was always treated with courtesy and included in the family she worked for. She's run a city-centre pub and loved doing this - hard work but fun because of the people she met. She and her husband also owned and ran an antique shop, living in the flat above the shop. I gather that almost all the items in their flat were also antiques and up for sale, so it wasn't unusual for one of her daughters to come home and find that the wardrobe and/or bed had been sold when they went into their room. The only thing not up for sale was the TV, bought in 1950 when it was rare for people to have something so new fangled!

Like Sylvia, Nellie will be receiving birthday wishes from the Queen, and no doubt the card will be proudly displayed for all to see along with all the other good wishes from family and friends when they visit, as I shall, to say

Happy Birthday Nellie!

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